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There is only ONE big secret to getting the perfect bikini body PUT YOUR BODY IN A BIKINI! Sounds simple? Well, yeah, it can be. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Get The Perfect Bikini Body

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Celebrating after coming back from a fantastic snorkel in my fav Ripcurl bikini.

Firstly, it doesn’t have to be a bikini. If a bikini doesn’t make you feel amazing, don’t wear a bikini. It can be a one-piece, a tankini, or some sort of body suit. But the point is, it’s less about your body and more about what you put your body in!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Here’s everything you need to do to get the perfect bikini body;

1)Go online, or into a shop (how retro)

2)Find the bikini/one-piece that makes you feel like an absolute Goddess

3)Buy it in the size that you feel comfortable in (it doesn’t matter what’s on the label)

4)Wear it like a bad ass

Ok, maybe this seems too simplistic. Maybe you’re dead set on slimming into some wonderful bikini that Gigi Hadid looks unreal in. But, the thing is, you’re not Gigi Hadid. Well, unless Gigi is reading this, in which case, you ARE Gigi and thanks for reading!

Everywhere I look I see #bikinibody this or #summerready that. My Instagram feed is full of salads and teatoxs in aid of the “perfect” bikini body. Whatever the hell that is.

But the point is, trying to look like some photo-shopped model in a bikini that might not even suit your body shape is not FUN. So maybe just give yourself a break?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in exercise and eating REASONABLY healthy (I’ll never give up cheese or chocolate or pizza or…. well, you get the idea).

BUT, the true key to the perfect bikini body and looking amazing on holiday is simply just to put your beautiful behind in a bikini that compliments your body and makes you feel like a million dollars.

My Bikini Body

bikini body where is tara povey irish travel blog

My fav Billabong long sleeve.

For instance, I think little triangle/halter neck bikinis look AMAZING in magazines, movies and on petite girls that have neat little boobs.

But I have giant boobs. I can’t wear a halter neck bikini, I’ll break my neck! It’s physically impossible, or at the very least, super uncomfortable for me.

Sure I could spend months strictly dieting, making myself miserable and exercising like a maniac. I’d still be disappointed when I put the bikini on, because it’s not right for MY body.

SO, I find swim stuff that works for me. I wore the Billabong Surfcapsule, long-sleeved Spring Floral Wetsuit (pictured above) while I was diving in the Maldives and Egypt and I felt like a beautiful little water baby.

It fit me like a glove, stopped me from getting burnt while I was snorkelling, and looked great in photos.

Shell Island Panama City Beach Florida pontoon boat sea Gulf Stream

I’m on a boat! (in my favourite Figleaves swimsuit)

I also recently discovered Figleaves, who make the most beautiful, flattering and supportive swimwear. Before I discovered Figleaves I would have completely avoided cut out swimsuits.

However, discovering their Puzzle Soft Cut Out Tummy Control Swimsuit has made SUCH a difference. It is my go to swimsuit for all occasions. I’ve worn it paddle boarding, in the spa, at the beach – I LOVE IT!

perfect Bikini body figleaves

The same Figleaves puzzle cut out swimsuit in black this time!

There are no bits that dig in, or make me squish out where I don’t want to, no insanely high legs or tiny spaghetti straps. Everything feels soft and smooth and supportive but still looks good. The straps are adjustable as well, so handy.

They have it on sale at the moment for £10(~ €12.50)  – HERE

I’ve had such a fantastic experience with that swimsuit that I feel completely confident buying anything from Figleaves now, especially their own brand range. So, let’s talk more about brands.

My Favourite Swimwear Brands


Perfect bikini body figleaves tara

LOVING my Figleaves swimsuit

Ok, obviously I’m obsessed with this swimsuit. But for good reason! I just find it magical. The back is also soft and supportive and doesn’t give you any dreaded “back fat”.

Figleaves own brand is my favourite but they also sell lots of other brands on the site. They do lots of great sales too. Like I said, the above swimsuit that I’ve been raving about is £10.00 at the moment.

If you prefer a bikini they do all shapes and sizes including high waisted (my fav) and bikini tops with actual support in them for the ladies who need it.

Shop their swimwear section – HERE.


perfect Bikini body billabong

My Billabong surfcapsule top keeping everything in place as I jump off a dam in Portugal!

I LOVE the Billabong surf capsule collection. It’s always beautiful, structured and supportive. I guess since it’s designed for surfers, it keeps everything in place.

Check out Billabong’s Surf Capsule collection – HERE.


Forsthofalm hotel leogang austria

Rocking my Primark swimsuit at the rooftop pool!

OK, I know, Primark isn’t exactly a mecca for sustainable fashion (apart from certain lines), and their fit can be a bit hit and miss BUT sometimes you find a gem.

I got the above swimsuit in Primark about 2 years ago and I LOVE it. It’s simple, gives me a good shape and support and has lasted longer than I expected.

I also like that you can do mix and match with a lot of Primark bikinis. Plus they have so many styles that you’re guaranteed to find one that makes you feel like a Goddess.

Check out Primark’s latest swimwear collection – HERE.


Aerie is an American Eagle brand, meaning everything is SOFT, comfortable and classic.

I first discovered this brand when I saw Iskra Lawrence was an ambassador for Aerie. She looked phenomenal in their swimwear so when I was in the USA I bought myself a couple of their swimsuits and some of their leggings.

I am now devoted to their leggings and also love their swimwear. Their swimsuits and bikinis come in all shapes and colours. The material is great quality and never see-through.

I also LOVE their body-positive brand message. Being on their site or in store just makes you feel good.

Check out their site  – HERE.


Well guys, I hope I’ve cleared that up for you. Get out there and find the perfect swimwear for your perfect body and ENJOY your holiday/summer/life in general.

Because, well, life’s too short to be starving yourself for the sake of a week in the sun. Go forth and be healthy, happy, and incredibly beautiful in your new bikini 🙂 You’re all a bunch of babes anyway!

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    Love this post!!! And your wet suit top thingy! I may have to invest in the flamingo float for my holiday hahah. Xx

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    Haha, I loved this! It’s so true 🙂 I love those bikinis, but especially the sweater you are wearing in the diving pic! So cute 🙂


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