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Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean we have to banish our swimwear to the depths of Narnia (A.K.A the back of the wardrobe). We need swimwear year-round for aqua aerobics, indoor swimming, bracing swims in the sea, winter sun holidays, thermal suites in the spa and more! I’ve long been a fan of long sleeve swimwear but I’ve noticed that a lot of people ignore long sleeve swimsuits in favour of bare arms. I admit, if you’re after a tan then the long sleeve suits aren’t the best, BUT there’s so many other reasons why you should consider a long sleeve swimsuit. Allow me to list them for you. Not all of them are 100% serious, but they’re fun.

Reasons to Try Long Sleeve Swimwear

long sleeve swimwear uk

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1 – They tend to give you that surfer, water baby look a la Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush. OK, well, maybe not 100% like Kate Bosworth, but close enough! So if you’re into that beach babe, surf aesthetic, give the long sleeve a go. 

2 – They’re super low maintenance as it’s just one piece of clothing and you don’t need to worry about applying sun screen to your back and arms. Basically they just make life much easier! No need to worry about fiddly straps or clasps at the back, long sleeve swimsuits are the most simple of swimwear. 

3 – Long sleeve suits are PERFECT for water sports and activities like snorkelling or kayaking. During these kinds of activities you spend long periods of time in direct sunlight surrounded by water that’s reflecting sunlight. If you’re not adequately covered you’ll burn very quickly. You can’t reapply sunscreen while snorkelling, so swimwear that keeps you covered is vital. You have no idea how badly I’ve burned myself in the past before I discovered rash vests and long sleeve swimsuits.

4 – To keep it simple, they look great! They come in all colours and patterns, so there’s something to suit everyone. PLUS, they tend to have a zip down the front which can be zipped up and down to whatever degree you like. For example, if you’re doing a sexy photoshoot on the beach, ZIP IT DOOOOWWWNNN.

5 – If you’re going for a swim in colder waters or colder weather then the long sleeves are going to keep you a bit warmer than the average bikini would.

6 – They keep all your bits under-wraps. It’s pretty much impossible to have a nip-slip in a long sleeve swimsuit. Everything is nicely and neatly contained and strapped in. 

How I Wear My Sleeved SwimwearLong sleeve swimwear swimsuit bathing suit uk

Generally I am underwater when I need sleeves on my swimwear, just in case my pasty white shoulders attract the sharks.

bikini body where is tara povey irish travel blog

See what I mean about the zip?! ZIP IT DOWWWWNNNNNN. And they come in all colours, patterns and sizes. 

Long sleeve swimwear swimsuit bathing suit uk

This long sleeved swimsuit was absolutely PERFECT for a long kayak trip in the sun. It stopped me from getting burnt and kept me warm when I constantly splashed myself due to poor technique.

Long sleeve swimwear swimsuit bathing suit uk

Look how good that suit looks under water!! You can even get ones that will make you blend into the underwater world.

I’m not saying a long sleeve suit is for everyone, but I’m hoping this post might inspire someone to consider a sleeve in the future. The latest one I’ve been sporting is from a New Zealand brand called Piha. I got it on the UK Swimwear website. They have a bunch of other brands and styles on there too if long sleeve isn’t your style. 

How do you feel about long sleeve swimwear?

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