Bucket List

  1. Zorbing (DONE)
  2. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
  3. Plitvice waterfalls, Croatia (DONE)
  4. Hawaii  (DONE)Ta ( Povey travel blog affordable luxury adventuretravel
  5. Learn to fly a plane
  6. Swim with manatees
  7. Be in Mexico for Dia de los muertos
  8. Tosua pool, Samoa
  9. Harry Potter world at Universal Florida (With mother and sister)
  10. Banff Canada (DONE)
  11. Gallop along a beach on horse-back (DONE)
  12. See a Rodeo  (DONE)
  13. Work on a ranch
  14. Nepal
  15. TAHITI
  16. See Dubrovnik
  17. Visit Egypt (I’m convinced I was Egyptian in a past life) (DONE)
  18. Get published in traditional print media  (DONE)
  19. Hot air balloon ride
  20. Stay in an Atlantis hotel (wanted to do this since I saw the MK & A film when I was a pre-teen)
  21. Snowboard (DONE)
  22. Skydive
  23. Train martial arts in Japan (DONE)
  24. Inca trail (done)
  25. Surf (DONE)
  26. New Orleans
  27. Alaska, with the sister
  28. Northern Lights
  29. Ride a Gondola in Venice (DONE)
  30. Party on a yacht (DONE in Brazil)
  31. Travel with people I just met on the road (DONE in Brazil)
  32. Eiffel tower (DONE)
  33. Visit Chichen Itza in Mexico (DONE)
  34. Swim in an underground river (DONE)
  35. Change someone’s life for the better (DONE, but will continue to strive to do this always)
  36. Cage diving with shark
  37. Fly in a private jet
  38. Visit the hot springs in Iceland (DONE)
  39. Niagara falls (DONE)
  41. Road trip with my favourite people (DONE across Europe, Canada, New Zealand and the UK)
  42. Make a wish at Trevi fountain in Rome (DONE)
  43. Get a tattoo (DONE)
  45. Vegas in style with my girls
  46. Go to the airport, just buy a ticket and go
  47. Visit all the different Disney lands. (ALMOST! Done Florida, LA, Tokyo , Hong Kong and Paris. Just need Shanghai)
  48. Great barrier reef (DONE)
  49. roadtrip around NZ (DONE)
  50. Make poutine and eat it forever and forever without putting on any weight!
  51. See Christ the Redeemer (DONE)
  52. PETRA
  53. Grand Canyon
  54. The Amazon (DONE)
  55. Go to a baseball game (done)
  56. To sell my art (done, but must continue to do! CHECK MY ART HERE!)
  57. Fire works in Sydney harbour for New Years eve (DONE)
  58. Stay in a log cabin in the snow (DONE in Finland)
  59. Become a vegetarian (DONE)
  60. Run a marathon
  61. Immerse myself in a foreign language completely (I’ve done a few exchanges but never become completely fluent)
  62. Shoot a gun
  64. Dog-sledding
  65. Costa RicaTara Povey travel blog affordable luxury adventure travel

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