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Long Haul Flight Tips, Tricks and Essentials

Looking and feeling good after a long haul flight is a bit of an art. So I've packed all of my long haul flight tips into one bumper post for your convenience. I've perfected my techniques on MANY trips and thr...
benefits of a spa day where is tara

15 Benefits of a Spa Day -Treat Yo’self

There are so many benefits of a spa day for both your mind and body. You should never feel guilty for treating yourself to a spa treatment. Next time you need an excuse (not that you should EVER need an excuse...
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Tips for Healthy Eating While Travelling

When you’re on the move and away from your own domestic set-up, it can be easy to fall into bad or lazy eating habits. This is something I've struggled with massively over the past couple of years. You might ...
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15+ Magical Unicorn Gifts For Travel Bugs

*FYI this post contains affiliate links* Ok, so those of you who know me, or saw any of my posts from my birthday, will know that I am a BIG fan of unicorns. Always have been. If I had been in Sweet V...