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I’ve been blogging for over five years now and I’ve picked up a lot of tech and gear along the way. Today I’m going to walk you through my essential blogging equipment list. I’ll tell you why I love each piece of kit and what I use it for so that you can decide for yourself what might work best for you and your blog/vlog.

Blogging Gear and Equipment That I Love

1) Tripod

Travel Blogging Equipment List tool kit gear tripod 2
I used my tripod and my phone on a long exposure setting to get this shot in Mayo last year. My tripod is probably my #1 piece of blogging equipment.

A tripod is a blogger’s best friend. Whether it’s taking long exposure starry night photos or simply getting Instagram shots of yourself without relying on anyone else, a good tripod is such a game changer.

I use my phone for nearly all my photos so I have an extra phone holder that I can attach to my tripod. Some tripods will come with various attachable mounts for phones, cameras or lights etc.

I have three different ones that I use regularly and I love them all for different things. The one that I use for Instagram photos is the K&F Concept 70″ Travel Tripod. The one I use for videos with the ring light is the Kobwa 5.7″ Ring Light Tripod Stand and then I have a small Rhodesy Octopus Tripod that is easier to travel with, is good on uneven terrain and can be wrapped around pretty much anything.

Of course I never bring them all with me, I usually travel with the K&F Concept and the Octopus Tripod because they take up less space and suit a wider variety of situations. But whatever kind of blog you have, a tripod will make your photography so much better.

Check out all the various tripods available on Amazon HERE.

2) Blue Tooth Remote

Travel Blogging Equipment List tool kit gear blue tooth remote
I took this photo using a tripod, my phone and my bluetooth remote shutter – all essentials on my blogging kit list.

If your blogging is going to involve photos of yourself then a blue tooth remote is VITAL. If you’re lucky your tripod will come in a bundle that includes a remote blue tooth shutter button. However, if not, they’re cheap and easy to find on Amazon.

For me this was one of the best pieces of blogging equipment I ever bought. It meant that I didn’t have to rely on anyone else to take my photos, or rely on my phone/camera timer and run back into shot once I had set it.

If you look closely at the photo above you can see that I’m holding the bluetooth remote in my hand. Usually I’m better at hiding it, but it works for the purpose of this article haha.

Get yourself a Bluetooth Remote for less than $10/€8/£7.

3) Ring Light

The parts where I’m talking to camera I filmed with my phone on the ring light tripod which is why the light is so good!

I know ring lights are such a Youtuber cliché, but they do work and they are really helpful for getting beautifully lit photos and video in places where the light isn’t so great.

Like I mentioned above, I have a tripod that came with a small ring light attached which works perfectly well. However, there are ring lights of all sizes that you can find on Amazon. They can be mounted on a pre-existing tripod or be bought alone and then mounted on your own tripod.

I have this one ($42.99/£33/€39)which comes with a proper tripod. But I also love this one ($26.99/£21/€24)which comes with a small stand but can be detached and then attached to a bigger tripod if needed. Depending on what kit you already have

Check out all the ring light options available on Amazon – HERE.

4) Gimbal

I first got a gimbal about two years ago I think. Basically it stabilises your phone/camera and makes the video footage smooth and sweeping. No more bumpy, unsteady footage.

Of course, this would only be for those of you who are interested in making video. But I’m going to assume that’s most of you since video just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Gimbals are not the most portable of things, however, they’re worth investing in. They don’t have to cost a bomb either. I went for a cheaper one (only $69/£55/€63) that wasn’t one of the big brand names and I love it. It’s easy to use and I’ve never had any problems with it.

The only advantage I can see for spending more money on one is it being more compact and portable but otherwise I highly recommend the Zhiyun one I have.

4) Action Camera

Because I mainly focus on travel an action camera comes in handy fairly often. It’s great for diving, skiing and pretty much any activity that you’d be reluctant to bring/use your phone.

Most action cameras are small and compact so they’re great for travelling with. Anything that saves luggage space and isn’t heavy is good with me.

I used to use the TomTom Bandit Action Camera but I seem to have lost it. The waterproof lens used to always fog up anyway, so I was happy enough to move on to a newer action camera.

Let’s be honest, GoPros are expensive and I just don’t use an action camera enough to justify it. Which is why I went for a much cheaper alternative that basically had all the same specs.

After much research I bought the Akaso V50 Elite. It has voice command, touch screen, waterproof case, 20MP, 4K, 60fps, bluetooth remote bracelet and comes with a variety of mounts. When I bought it I think it was around £80/$100/€93, but that was in the sales, so it might be a touch more expensive now. Check it out here.

5) SONY Alpha 6000 Compact Mirrorless Camera

travel blogging equipment kit list gear where is tara
Fireworks are the perfect occasion to use my SONY Alpha 6000.

When I’m feeling very professional, need to photograph something at night, something moving very fast or something very far away then I use my Sony Alpha 6000 mirrorless camera. I can change the lens on it to suit my needs and it’s a reasonable size which is important to me because I don’t want to haul too much equipment around when travelling.

I’ve had this camera for years and it is incredible at night and for pretty much everything else. I did a lot of research and I knew so many bloggers who swore by it, plus it’s Amazon reviews are stellar – so I was convinced.

It’s not the newest of models, but it is perfect for what I need. There are newer versions available of course, but I didn’t want to spend a huge chunk of cash, so I stuck with the classic. Highly recommend to any bloggers who want to up their photography game but don’t want anything too complicated. At the moment it costs around $400/£335/€390.

6) Huawei P30 Pro/Mate20 Pro

huawei p30 pro review eiffel tower
I particulalry like the low light abilities of the P30 Pro, but without using the actual night mode.

A phone that takes great photos and video is essential for blogging. I’m lucky enough to have the latest Huawei models (Mate20 Pro and P30 Pro) thanks to the lovely people at Huawei.

Of course, you don’t have to have the latest model as long as it has a decent camera and space for tonnes of photos then you’re good to go. Samsung phones have incredible cameras too, not to mention the Google Pixel. They’re great alternatives to Huawei, especially if you’re in a country where Huawei is banned, haha.

In blogging I use my phone for 80% of all my photos, as well as tonnes of other tasks. I even make my Youtube videos on my phone. It just feels quicker and easier than having to transfer from my camera to my laptop.

I try and do all my editing on my phone. I want all the things done on one device, which is why I’m obsessed with my Huawei – incredible camera, huge amount of memory and easy to use.

7) Microphones

This guy did a full review of the Purple Panda mic, you can hear the sound difference here! Have a watch!

I’ve started making videos recently and for a good video you need a good microphone. I have two that are very handy and easy to use. I have a standard vlogging condenser microphone on a stand. Then I also have a little Purple Panda lapel/lavalier mic which I can clip to my top.

The lavalier mic is better for when I’m out and about filming. If you plan on using a mic outdoors then make sure you have a “dead cat” to put on it. Don’t worry, it’s not as sinister as it sounds. This is a fluffy coat for your mic that helps cut out wind noise. The lapel mic I got on Amazon came with one which was very handy.

Mics can be very expensive but the majority of vlogging you honestly don’t need anything like that. My condenser mic cost $13/£10/€12 and my lavalier mic cost $30/£23/€27 – so cheap but they make such a difference.

8) Lensball

Christmas in Almería city spain
Taking selfies in a tunnel of lights with my Lensball.

OK, this isn’t an essential but it’s nice to have. It’s pretty much a round glass ball that can add a little something to the right photo because of how it reflects and distorts things.

It was actually gifted to me by a friend and occasionally gets some odd looks going through airport security scanners, but it’s definitely a fun photography accessory.

You can check out prices and features of the Lensball here.

9) Lenovo Yoga Laptop

I’ve had the same laptop for about 5 years and I LOVE IT. It can be flipped around completely to turn it into a tablet. It’s touch screen. It has an insane amount of storage on it. I use it for all my website needs. It’s relatively lightweight, making it perfect for travelling too. Basically, it’s like an extension of my body – I’d be lost without it.

If you’re in the market for a new laptop you can
browse Lenovo Yoga laptops

10) Nexstand Laptop Stand

After a couple of years of blogging I realised that sitting hunched over a laptop was NOT good for my poor spine. After extensive research I bought myself the Nexstand laptop stand for £23.50.

It was recommended to me by digital nomads and freelancers around the world and has stellar reviews on Amazon, so I was pretty confident in my choice. Plus it didn’t cost a whole lot so even if it was terrible, meh, I could return it.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t use it as much as I should, mainly because I’m a bit lazy, but when I do make the effort my back and neck thank me for it.

One of my resolutions this year is to use it properly every time I get my laptop out. It folds up into a small thin stick-type thing so it’s easy to travel around with or bring into a co-working space/coffee shop etc. It comes with a nice little case too.

There are lots of other laptop stands available but I can personally vouch for the Nexstand.

11) Waterproof Phone Pouch

blogging equipment list kit list gear yosh pouch
YOSH Waterproof Phone Case – a cheap and very useful addition to any blogger kit list.

I use this little baby for filming and taking photos in watery situations. I’ve used it while paddle boarding in California and Florida. I’ve used it while kayaking in Mayo. It even came snorkelling in Barbados with me.

I have the YOSH IPX8. I went for that one because it was cheap ($8/£5.99/€7), on PRIME and had the best reviews on Amazon (which is clearly how I make my buying decisions). In the beginning I was afraid to let it get wet but once I tested it properly I used it at even the slightest hint of rain.

Let’s Wrap it up

I hope this list has given you a few ideas for your own blogging kit. Of course, I’m not telling you that all of the above are ESSENTIAL for running a blog, they’re not, but they certainly help you step up your game. Pick and choose what is important and relevant to you and get creating!

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