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“STOP LOOKING AT YOUR PHONE!”, sound familiar? I’m sure it does. Nowadays everyone likes to give out about people looking at their phones. People assume you’re turning into some mindless scrolling zombie whenever you spend more than a minute on your phone.

But in reality, phones are integral to some people’s lives. You never know what people are doing on their phones. It’s not just social media and taking selfies, there are real life, important reasons to keep a mobile close at hand.

I’ve partnered with Three UK to share all the reasons why my phone has changed my life for the better. In this paid article (gotta be transparent!) I’m going to tell you how phones keep my relationship, my travels and my work functioning.

All of the below opinions, ridiculous stories and images are my own . Now, let’s get on to the good stuff!

All the Reasons Why I LOVE My Phone

My Long Distance Relationship

Couple at bad water basin sign death valley USA
There we are on one of our adventures!

For me my phone is a life line. I cannot overstate how important my phone is to me. I’ve been in a long distance relationship for four years. That’s four years of calls, text, Whatsapps messages and video calls to keep in touch.

Both of us have very unpredictable lives where me move around a lot. Alastair is a geologist, working mostly in Rwanda and living in Cardiff. However, at the drop of a hat he might have to be in the Democratic Republic of Congo to check out a project, or in London for a meeting.

me and Ali
We scrub up alright when we do see each other!

And, well, you know what I’m like – always jetting off somewhere new. Travel blogging is an absolutely incredible job, but it’s not exactly stable – I could be in three different countries in the space of a week.

Most of the time neither of us know where the other will be until the last minute. Hence, mobile phones are the only way we can reach each other.

What would we do if we didn’t have mobiles?! Check our laptops for emails every night? SEND LETTERS?! Call from a landline or payphone at a pre-arranged time every night? No, thank you. It just wouldn’t work for us.

couple photo me and Ali in Death Valley
A lot of our photos come from one big trip we did years ago!

In a long distance relationship, you have to keep the communication up or else it all falls apart. We talk to each other every single day, even if it’s just a Whatsapp message or two.

When we do get to see each other it’s either in Cardiff, Dublin or somewhere a bit more exotic. We book flights and hotels on our phones. We send each other the details and we usually end up meeting in airports.

Last year I’d done too many trips back to back, I had just found out I had thyroid nodes and was waiting for a biopsy and I was heading to the airport to fly to Bristol and then meet Ali down in Cornwall. The stress levels were high, I was worried and absolutely exhausted.

couple on a plane me and Ali
We mostly meet up on planes.

My flight ended up being delayed (thanks a mill’ Ryanair) so that by the time I landed in Bristol I had missed the last train to Cornwall. I remember calling Ali, crying like a tired toddler and within seconds he had booked me into the airport hotel, sent me the booking confirmation and rebooked my train. ALL of that would not have been possible without a mobile phone.

Our lifestyles also often mean that we don’t get to be around the people we love for those special occasions and big celebrations. So, for Ali’s 30th birthday I contacted a bunch of his friends on Facebook and asked them to record a Happy Birthday video message for him.

They sent all their videos to me via messenger and I edited them together for him on my phone. Then, on the morning of his birthday I sent him the full video on Whatsapp. It’s just something lovely that would have been a lot harder to do without a phone.

photo book me and Ali
A look inside the photo book I made for Ali. I had a toothache when we were in Prague so that’s what that caption is about.

Because we are apart a lot of the time we often use apps on our phones to send each other gifts or cards/postcards. For Ali’s last birthday I made a photo book of all our adventures, using an app on my phone, and had it sent to him. Earlier this year I had my appendix taken out and when I got out of hospital Ali sent me a box of cupcakes, using an app.

Sure, they’re not essentials, but little gestures like that help to keep a long distance relationship going when you can’t be there for each other in person.

You can read more about how we met and all the travels we’ve been on together – HERE.

Smooth Travel

girl in airport me
Always on the move!

Of course, I don’t only use my phone to keep my relationship functioning. Travel is essentially my life and my phone makes it so much smoother. I have so many airline and hotel booking apps on my phone that I’ve lost count.

Google maps is a classic example. Exploring a new city is made SO much easier with Google maps in hand. Of course, you could use a physical map, but, let’s be honest, Google maps is easier. You know exactly where you are on the map, what shops, restaurants and landmarks are around you and how long it will take you to get to your destination.

girl in the snow with phone
Flight cancelled, time to enjoy the snow storm.

One of my favourite examples of my phone helping me in a tricky travel situation took place during the great UK and Ireland snow storm of 2018. I had been visiting my wonderful friend Jen down in Devon and was supposed to be flying out of Bristol that afternoon.

Jen drove me up to Bristol, we were going to do a bit of shopping before heading to the airport. Just as we were parking in Cabot Circus my phone buzzed. It was the Ryanair app letting me know that my flight had been cancelled and that I could either rebook or get a refund.

Hmm, I’m not painting Ryanair in the best light here haha. I swear I love them, I normally have very few issues with them.

Tara Povey in the snow in Devon
You can’t be mad at a travel set back when it’s this photogenic and fun.

Of course, if I didn’t have a mobile I would have had no idea that my flight had been cancelled and would have gotten a nasty shock upon arrival at the airport.

My mobile enabled me to check the weather for when the snow might clear up in Dublin and when the snow was supposed to hit the UK. That meant I could rebook my flight for a day when flights were most likely to be uninterrupted instead of waiting on standby in the airport every day of the storm.

There was a man at the airport who got very angry because he didn’t know. He must not have had the app, or a phone at all considering Ryanair text, email and notify you every 20 minutes once you’ve booked hahah.

Travel Blogging

tara povey best Irish Travel Instagrammer award
Travel blogging is my full time job and I need my phone to make that possible.

Obviously with travel blogging, photos and social media are essential. I take nearly all of my photos and videos on my phone, whether they’re for a press trip, a brand campaign or for personal use.

The entire editing process is done on my phone using several different apps. When I’m on a long haul flight I can get lots of editing done on my phone, without having to whip out my laptop and take up any precious seat space.

huawei P30 photo of Eiffel tower
I use my phone for all my photos.

Social media would be next to impossible without my mobile. I’m always on the go but also sometimes have strict campaign deadlines. I remember earlier this month I had a publishing deadline on the day I was travelling to Las Vegas – NIGHTMARE!

Of course, I managed to forget to download one of the pieces of content to my phone and only realised when I was transitting in Heathrow. As I was strolling through the airport, I was able to get the content downloaded, publish it on my channels and get PAID. That would have been impossible without my phone.

campaign photo SONY
I use my phone to create campaign content.

I mean, even for basic things like corresponding with PR agencies, talent agencies, clients and colleagues, my phone is absolutely key. Replying to enquiries on the go helps me to keep on top of my workload and to take advantage of every opportunity that comes by way.

Creativity and Learning

digital drawing Colorado
Little illustration I did from my trip to Colorado.

Finally, my phone is a never ending source of information and instruction. I learn new languages using apps, I watch Youtube tutorials to learn new editing techniques or techy things for my website and I use apps to create digital drawings.

Digital drawing was something that took me AGES to figure out. However, once I found the right app everything clicked into place and suddenly I had transparent backgrounds, lots of layers and pngs up to my eyeballs.

I’ve been trying to illustrate every trip I take this year, but I’m a bit behind. Usually I do them on long bus rides, trains or flights. It kills time and I have something show at the end of it. Plus it’s so nice to be able to use my creativity without having to carry around a sketchpad and art supplies.

Three UK – Born to Roam

me taking photo of cat in Israel Three UK
Getting the job done – because cat photos are an essential part of travel blogging!

OK, so this is a paid partnership with Three, a mobile phone supplier in the UK, as part of their Phones Are Good Campaign. However, I’m not just partnering with Three because they’re paying me. I have been on the Three UK network for over 7 years, long before I started my blog.

Like me, Three believe that phones get a bit of bad rap nowadays. Media often focuses on the negative instead of the positive. Three knows that phones can bring people together and, like I explained earlier, they help us plan our social life, find/maintain love, build relations, run businesses and make memories.

One of the main reasons why I love my phone and Three is because they keep me connected as I whizz around the globe. Three’s Go Roam plan includes 71 destinations worldwide, which is a HUGE reason why it’s the perfect plan for me and any other frequent flyers.

me on my phone Three UK
The face I give people when they get annoyed at me for being on my phone.

Ok, so there you have it, all the reasons why I love my mobile and my network, from my personal to my work life and beyond. I don’t think anyone could accuse me of not using my phone to its full potential.

What do you use your phone for? How does your phone make your life easier? Let me know in the comments.

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