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I was lucky enough to be on board the new Sky Princess ship, the very first Princess MedallionClass™ ship built specifically for the OceanMedallion™ technology, for her maiden voyage. Other ships already have the OceanMedallion ™ technology but none were built specifically with the technology in mind until the Sky Princess.

I had heard so much about the OceanMedallion™ technology that I was beyond excited to try it out for myself. In this post I’ve teamed up with Princess Cruises to take you through everything you need to know about the Princess Cruises MedallionClass™ technology including the OceanMedallion™ , OceanNow™, PlayOcean™ and more. You’ll be ordering margaritas to your cabin in no time!

Bear with me, there are a lot of ™ s in this post.

What does MedallionClass™ Mean?

Sky Princess MedallionClass ship Princess Cruises
The Sky Princess, the first ship built from the ground up with OceanMedallion™ Technology.

Basically any of the Princess Cruises ships that feature OceanMedallion™ technology are classified as MedallionClass™. Currently the ships that are MedallionClass™ are Caribbean Princess, Sky Princess (the one I was on), Crown Princess, Regal Princess and Royal Princess.

However, more and more ships are being upgraded to MedallionClass™. Ruby Princess, Grand Princess, Enchanted Princess (the new ship launching in June 2020) and more will become part of the Medallion-friendly fleet soon.

The MedallionClass™ ships feature MedallionNet™ , the fastest Wi-Fi at sea as well as JourneyView™ screens around the ship. The MedallionNet™ wi-fi is honestly so impressive – I was uploading my Instagram stories on board with no problem, others were video calling friends to sing happy birthday. It was almost better than my internet at home!

MedallionClass™ ships have a variety of features that we’ll go through in more depth later. These include expedited embarkation, keyless rooms, incredibly personalised service, ordering food/drinks to your location, finding your shipmates easily on board and plenty more.

I could not believe how easy and smooth everything was during my time on board Sky Princess, all thanks to the MedallionClass™ experience.

MedallionClass™ App

MedallionClass app Princess Cruises
Using my MedallionClass™ app to order a few refreshments.

Before you board your ship you will have to check in online and fill in all your information via your Cruise Personaliser. Then you will be prompted to download the Princess MedallionClass™ app via Google Play or the Apple App Store and get OceanReady™.

Within the app you’ll have an OcenProfile™ where you will add a photo, allergy info, passport details and other important information. You can, of course, have your photo taken at the port, but for me I was all about uploading a nice photo from my phone gallery.

A version of this information is what the staff on board your ship will see. So they will know if you’re celebrating a birthday. They will know if you’re allergic to nuts. They will call you by name when you approach the bar etc. It is beyond personalised!

OceanMedallion Princess Cruises MedallionClass
Your OceanMedallion initially comes in a lanyard and is personalised.

Having all of this information on the app prior to your cruise also makes embarkation incredibly quick and easy. There’s only a quick document check and then you are given your complimentary and personalised OceanMedallion™ before boarding the ship.

Medallions can be posted to you prior to the cruise, but only if you live in the US. So for the rest of us, we collect them before we get on board.

The MedallionClass™ app will be your favourite app while on your Princess cruise. Everything you need to know is within your app, including what’s happening on board at any given time ( from Movies under the Stars to karaoke) , shore excursions and more.

Everything You Need to Know About the Amazing OceanMedallion™

Like I mentioned before, when you arrive for your cruise you are given your personalised OceanMedallion™ with your name and ship name engraved on it. This will be your new favourite accessory.

One of my favourite features of the OceanMedallion™ system is that when you approach your cabin your name and photo pops up on the screen and the door unlocks automatically. This seems small, but it can be very handy when you have drinks or bags in your hand.

OceanMedallion™ Accessories

Princess Cruises Ocean Medallion accessories
Rocking my OceanMedallion™ clipped onto my belt.

Medallions originally come free in a lanyard when you embark. However, there are various options for wearing your Medallions in different ways. On board you can purchase necklaces, bracelets, clips and fitness bands which you can slot your Medallion into.

The accessories come in different colours and finishes so that there is something for everyone. Personally I had a blue clip that I used while I was on board Sky Princess. I found it super handy as I could just clip it to my belt, pocket or collar and pretty much forget that it was there.


OceanCompass Princess Cruises Sky Princess
OceanCompass™ ensures that you never get lost. These screens are all around the ship and, of course, on your app.

Another handy feature of the Medallion is the OceanCompass™ app. You can download the app and then search for your ship mates. You then request to connect with them and see their location.

Don’t worry, they can deny this if they wish – there’s no spying on people who don’t want to be found hahaha. If they accept then you can both see where each other are on the ship. Considering the size of some of the ships this can be super helpful, particularly for families.

Once you have downloaded this app it integrates with the MedallionClass™ app so you can access it via the main app instead of having to use a separate one.

You can also use OceanCompass™ to find various restaurants/facilities on the ship and plan the quickest route to that destination from wherever you are. I found this so useful because Sky Princess is SO BIG. There were parts of the ship I didn’t even know were there until 4 days in, haha.

Of course, all of the above only works if you and your ship mates are wearing the OceanMedallion™ .

OceanCompass™ also has a free messaging service which you can use to keep in touch with your ship mates.


Ocean Medallion Tagalong Sky Princess Cruises
MY BEAUTIFUL TAGALONG!!! Isn’t he so cute?!

This fun feature was one of my favourites. Again, you have to download a separate app – PlayOcean™ . Within the app you can create your own OceanTagalong™ sea creature (seahorse, sea turtle or fish). Mine was a beautiful little seahorse. You can customise markings and colours etc to make it completely individual.

Then, when you touch your OceanMedallion™ to certain screens around the ship your Tagalong will pop up and you can choose a game to play. I’m fairly sure this is aimed at kids, but I loved it!


MedallionClass Princess Cruises OceanMedallion
Kicking back with cocktails on the balcony ordered via the OceanNow™ app.

Ok, so this is the showstopper, the pièce de résistance , so get ready! OceanNow™ enables you to order food, drink and more to your cabin or to wherever you are on the ship. A lot of the food is complimentary but some items will have an extra charge.

I fully fell in love with this feature. It’s almost dangerously convenient. Who wants to queue for a drink when you can just order it to your table via an app? Ordering margaritas and cookies to my cabin and enjoying them out on the balcony brought me SO MUCH JOY.


This is integrated into the MedallionClass™ app and is also available on screens around the ship. It allows you to see what events and shows etc are on, when and where, for the duration of your trip.

On the app you can bookmark your favourite events, fitness classes and more to your itinerary so that you’re super organised and don’t miss anything. If you’re an ultra planner (unlike me) then you’ll LOVE this feature.


You can also watch movies and TV shows, including Ocean Original shows, via OceanView™ on your MedallionClass™ app. So when you’re chilling on a sun lounger on the top deck you can watch a movie on your mobile or tablet – very handy!

Final Thoughts on Princess Cruises MedallionClass™

Ocean Medallion technology Medallion Class Sky Princess
I absolutely loved my experience with the OceanMedallion™ technology on board the Sky Princess.

I absolutley loved my time on board the Sky Princess and the OceanMedallion™ technology was a huge part of that. Everything was so smooth and simple. From paying for my iced coffee at the International Cafe to ordering cocktails to my cabin, it could not have been easier.

Everything felt so personalised. I felt at home on board the minute I stepped foot on the ship. I honestly believe that regular cruisers will be so impressed with the difference the OceanMedallion™ makes to the entire cruise experience.

For more information on
Princess Cruises MedallionClass™ CLICK HERE.

DISCLAIMER – Princess Cruises hosted my trip on the Sky Princess. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are, as always, my own.

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