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Some people love tattoos, some people hate them, some people have great ones and some people look like they may have gotten theirs done during some time on the inside.

I happen to like tattoos. Perhaps not the prison-esque ones….

I think tattoos are a personal thing, I don’t like to talk about them too much. I went by myself to get both of mine and told nobody about my plans. That’s just how I like to do it. In fact that’s how I like to do most things in life. Yep, I’m super social. Most of my friends probably still don’t know about my first tattoo. So maybe I should tell the story……. BUT HEY, maybe I shouldn’t just yet.  I’ll save it for another time.


I hate having to hide it in work

I hate having to hide it in work

Here’s my most recent tattoo. In case you can’t see it clearly enough, it is indeed a passenger plane silhouette. Planes are significant to me for several reasons, none of which I feel like explaining. I know, I’m such a tease. However, the travel symbolism of it is apparent.

It was done by Aidan in New Tribe Tattoo Brixham. His name could potentially be spelled Aiden but because Aidan is an Irish name and that’s how we spell it in Ireland, I’ll stick with Aidan. Either way, he was a nice guy and rather easy on the eyes (which always helps). I thought that perhaps behind the ear might have been more painful than my ribs, but it was grand! It didn’t hurt one bit, though it was quite loud. Oh and NO, I did not use numbing cream/gel because I am not a little bitch. I probably shouldn’t say that considering how much of that stuff I sell in the pharmacy to people getting tattoos. Sorry lads.


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