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Discovering the Colours of Collioure France

  The seaside town of Collioure, France is not somewhere that I'd ever heard of before. When I told people that I was travelling to Collioure their general reaction was "Where?". Even when I Googled it ...
Restaurants in lausanne best places to eat in lausanne

Food Experiences & Restaurants in Lausanne

When I was invited to explore some of the best food experiences and restaurants in Lausanne, Switzerland I didn't really know what I'd find. Usually, when I think of Lausanne I think of the Olympics and lake ...
Forsthofalm hotel leogang austria

Escaping the World at Forsthofalm Hotel, Austria

Looking out the window as we wizz through the Austrian countryside, in a giant and soundless TESLA, I am surrounded by mountains and rolling fields of yellow flowers. It is EXACTLY what I thought Austria would ...