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Greece is a beautiful country that is rich in history, legends, stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and there are so many islands to explore. It is difficult to choose which islands you should go to, because they all have their own unique charm. Whether you are travelling with family, friends or solo, here are some ideas about which Greek island you should visit on your next trip to Greece.

Which Greek Island Should I Visit?


corfu which greek island where is tara

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The Old Town of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you can see examples of Renaissance, Baroque and Classical architecture. Make sure to look up as you walk around, there are gorgeous shutters and tiny balconies. Some of the most interesting things happen on those balconies! Listón was untouched by the Ottoman oppression and it is known for its lovely cafes.

Spianáda has stunning 19th century French architecture and is the largest square in the Balkans. Many musical concerts and cricket games are organised here throughout the year. A few of the places to visit here are The Church of St. Spyridon and the fascinating museums like the Museum of Asian Art (a must see), Byzantine Museum and Dionysios Solomos Museum.

There are plenty of activities for the more energetic traveller too. Corfu is a great location for horse riding, scuba diving and hiking (particularly the famous, ten day, Corfu trail).  You can read more about Corfu here


rhodes greece which greek island to visit where is tara

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Rhodes International Airport is the fourth largest airport in Greece, and many airlines fly there, making Rhodes a more easily accessible destination. Rhodes Town is only a 25 minute drive from the airport, so you’ll be strolling around in your flip-flops in no time. There is certainly plenty to see in Rhodes, with stunning historical monuments, serene wooded valleys, and spectacular beaches to explore. Afandou, Ladiko and Ixia are popular beaches, perfect for a spot of sunbathing or chilling with a good book.

The Acropolis of Lindos is a stunning fortress, built in the 6th century BC, that can be accessed by climbing a 116m rock (exercise, sun AND culture!). The view from the top is extraordinary and it has a wide view of the coast. Rhodes also has some fine dining and you can try Mezethes (appetizers), fabulous goat dishes and fresh sea food. If you’re vegetarian like me, don’t worry, Greece is grand for veggie food. Vegans may have to try a bit harder to find suitable meals, but that’s the same worldwide. You can read more about Rhodes here.



santorini greece which greek island to visit where is tara

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Staying in a traditional cave house in Santorini is a classic bucket list item to tick off. Visit the capital town of Firá which is located high up on the cliffs for an amazing view of the volcano. This is also where people get those classic Instagram photos with the blue-domed buildings. You can take a short cruise to the volcanoes, explore them on foot and even check out the hot springs at Palea Kameni.

There are many places to explore , but a trip to Santorini would not be complete without a visit to the vineyards and castles. Food-wise, Santorini has several traditional delicacies such as “hloró tyrí” a special goat cheese (yes please!), cherry tomatoes, white egg plants and fava (yellow split peas puree). And as is the case with ALL of the Greek islands, there are PLENTY of beautiful beaches. Perivilos and Perissa are just two examples. You can read more about Santorini here.



Crete which greek island where is tara greece

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The largest island in Greece is Crete and it is rich in archaeological sites like the Palace of Knossos, Ideon Cave (the birthplace of Zeus), and the Heraklion Museum. Cretan cuisine is delicious, if you like cheese (who doesn’t?!) you’ll enjoy sampling sarikopitakia which are pastries filled with sheep’s cheese. You can wash this down with locally made wine and brandy.

There are plenty of luxurious villas all over Crete that you can have a look at on sites like this, and the views are pretty much all stunning. Crete has such a varied landscape, you can explore the White Mountains or relax on the sandy beaches and gaze out at the crystal-clear water. If you fancy hiking, water sports, walking, swimming or just relaxing this is an ideal place to visit.

There’s plenty of local culture in Crete too. Catch a traditional dance performance or visit during a local festival and you’ll fall in love with the island. You can read more about Crete here.


And this is only a handful of the Greek islands that you could visit! Places like Ios and Karpathos are incredibly popular too. And how could we forget Mykonos and Zakynthos (party people will know all about those islands!)?! Kos, Lefkada and Hydra are all beautiful as well. There really is no shortage of Greek islands to visit.

One thing I forgot to mention that yoga  and wellness retreats have become increasingly popular on the Greek islands, so if that’s something you’re into definitely do a bit of research into that. So, with all of that, I’m sure you’ll have a hard time deciding which Greek island to visit. 

How about you just rent a boat and sail around ALL of them?? Sounds like a plan! Oh and don’t forget to take me with you 😉

Which Greek island do you prefer?
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