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ways to travel australia where is tara top irish travel blogger

As you guys know, I was born in New Zealand and have visited Australia quite a few times. Some of my family actually  live up in Toowoomba. Anyway, Australia is a massively popular tourist destination. And not only that, it’s just a massive country.  People forget that you can pretty much fit all of Europe into Australia.

So, what’s the best way to explore Australia? Maybe you want to follow the nature and see animals that are found nowhere else on earth? Or perhaps you want to explore the country through its wine? There’s so many different ways to travel Australia that it can be overwhelming. But here are some of my top ways to experience Australia. Hopefully they’ll give you a little bit of inspiration from your trip to Oz.

The Best Ways to Travel Australia

ways to travel australia where is tara top irish travel blogger

Sydney – Photo via Pixabay

Solo Travel in Australia

Australia is SUCH a fun country for solo travel! There are plenty of hostels full of fellow solo travellers and the locals are extremely friendly. But be sure to plan your solo trip carefully to make sure you stay in reputable/safe hostels and dodge the party hostels when you need a bit of R&R.

Also, Australia is an easy place to start for first time solo travellers from the West. Everyone speaks English and you have all the comforts of being at home, but maybe a few more spiders/snakes to worry about.

Sydney always makes a great start to a solo journey. You can visit the Opera House, Bondi Beach and Harbour Bridge. Then travel to Queensland and experience the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island and Gold Coast. Maybe visit Uluru/Ayer’s rock. Head West and check out Perth and Margaret River.

You could literally spend a year just exploring Australia. And after solo travelling around Oz you’ll return home with a TONNE of new friends and incredible stories to tell. 

Explore Australian Vineyards

I’m pretty sure I know a few people who might prefer this way of travelling Australia! Who doesn’t love a glass (or bottle) or two of wine when on holiday? So why not have your entire trip dedicated to tasting the delicious fermented grape juice. After all, Australia produces some great wines (mostly Shiraz and Chardonnay).

There are plenty of famous and little-known wine regions in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Some of the most popular are Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley, Barossa Valley, Margaret River and Coonawarra. I have been informed by a Ozzie that Orange, NSW has also become a great wine-tasting area. So book a boozey tour and make sure that you hire a driver!

ways to travel australia where is tara top irish travel blogger

The Vineyards – Photo via Pixabay

Eco Volunteering in Australia

You can volunteer in Australia to help conserve the Great Barrier Reef. You will get to take part in marine conservation, research and diving (if you’re qualified, of course). If you’re not qualified you can get your diving qualifications while in Australia.

There are obviously plenty of other ways to volunteer in Australia but I think the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef is incredibly important. If you’re a diver or a water-baby then you’ll know exactly what I mean. With the rising water temperatures and the coral bleaching, there is a lot to be done to help preserve this giant natural wonder of the world.

Plus, imagine the tan you’d have after a couple of months!;)

Cruise the Coast

Cruises are an incredibly popular way to travel. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to visit multiple destinations but who doesn’t want the hassle of organising everything themselves. Cruising the coastline of Australia is a great way to see the fabulous sights of this country. Cruise ships leave from the major cities of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

You can even add on an extra country too depending on the cruise you choose. There are always many opportunities to leave the ship and visit the landmarks of Australia like the Great Barrier Reef, uninhabited islands, pristine beaches etc. But make sure you bring some travel sickness tablets, just in case! Though they are always available on board, along with pretty much anything else you could ever need. 

ways to travel australia where is tara top irish travel blogger

The Coast along The Great Ocean Road – Photo via Pixabay

Road Trip Australia

Road tripping is one of my favourite ways to travel and Australia is no different. Road tripping Australia is a great option for those who like a little more freedom and those who want to taken in the more “off the beaten track” sights/destinations. You never know what little towns or beautiful landscapes you’ll stumble upon on a road trip.

The Great Ocean Road is a stunning 250 km route in Victoria, filled with beautiful beaches, sea stacks, and wildlife. There are tonnes of great places to stop along the route like Loch Ard Gorge, 12 Apostles, The Grotto, surf supply shopping outlets AND Bells Beach mentioned in the original Point Break movie (though not actually filmed there).

You could also rent a campervan (never a Wicked one though, thanks! They’re vile. I recommend Jucy) and travel from Sydney to Brisbane. The drive takes  around 9 hours if you drive without stopping but why would you ever do that? Drag the drive out over two or three days and see the sights.

If you are planning on using your phone as a Sat-Nav on your journey, remember to take your phone cradle with you, as the same laws about mobile phone use whilst driving also apply in Australia and the police are pretty strict about it. 

So there you have it, just a few different ways to travel Australia. There are plenty more, of course, but I couldn’t fit them all into one blog post. I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and make sure to subscribe to the newsletter through the form below 🙂

Have you been to Australia?
What’s your favourite memory from your trip?

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    As the travelling addiction is getting high. There’s so many different ways to travel, and it could be overwhelming. Australia is a popular tourist destination. It’s a such a fun country for solo travel.

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    I came to know about the vast size of Australia from watching the Outback Truckers series. Awesome country in its vastness and I would definitely love to visit The Great Barrier Reef. Nice article.

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    I learned something new from your blog, maybe I am naive, but I didn’t know that Australia grows wine. I guess I always thought of it being dry or desert-like.

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    Nice piece of article. Indeed travelling in cruise is a wonderful experience. I have planned a trip to Australia and I am very excited to explore the beautiful places there.Keep sharing.

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    Great post! It made me homesick for Sydney 🙂 The power outlet/voltage thing can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’ve bought items in America, but it’s great to know that you can just buy a converter.


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