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There are so many things to do in Loveland Colorado and I’m about to walk you through some of the best. There is something for everyone from wineries to beautiful hikes and plenty more in between.

About Loveland Colorado

things to do in Loveland Colorado
Love is in the name.

Loveland is the perfect city to visit in Colorado. It’s only about 45 miles (roughly an hour drive) from Colorado’s capital, Denver and only just over 30 miles (45 mins) to Boulder.

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Also nearby is Estes Park (the gateway to Rocky Moutain National Park), only about 45 minutes drive away. Oh and Fort Collins is only 15 minutes away too. So really, you have a lot at your finger tips when you stay in Loveland.

Loveland is a small, arty, vibrant city full of great places to eat and drink, lots of beautiful outdoor public spaces and plenty of wonderful things to do.

What to do in Loveland CO

Devil’s Backbone Open Space

things to do in Loveland Colorado Devil's Backbone
The Devil’s Backbone.

The Devil’s Backbone is an iconic outdoor area, perfect for hiking, biking, running and horse riding. It’s a 2198 acre area known for its colourful rock formations that look a bit like an out of joint spine.

Devil's backbone hike Loveland Colorado wildflowers
Beautiful wildflowers, but stay on the path.

There are 12 miles of trail. We just did a short hike up to the Keyhole viewpoint and back which is about 4 miles, but you can hike all the way to Fort Collins if you want to. The views from the Keyhole are beautiful but it can get a bit crowded depending on when you go.

The Keyhole at Devil's Backbone things to do in Loveland Colorado
The Keyhole

The trail itself is very pretty, with wildflowers and cacti popping up all around it. Just make sure to wear good shoes and keep an eye out for snakes (do not wander off the trail).

Benson Sculpture Garden

things to do in Loveland Colorado Benson sculpture garden
My favourite sculpture!

This famous sculpture garden hosts the annual Sculpture in the Park event every summer. It is a 10 acre green area which is home to over 160 sculptures created by artists from around the world.

It’s free to visit and is great for a picnic. There’s a little train down the end of the park for kids and families too.

benson sculpture garden things to do in Loveland Colorado
Ring a ring a rosy…

The sculptures are of all sorts of things from mountain lions to children on crocodile’s back. Some are abstract and others are incredibly lifelike. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

The sculptures are dotted everywhere and some you won’t even notice until you’re face to face with them. It’s a bit like looking at the stars; in the beginning you only see a few and then suddenly they’re everywhere.

Sweet Heart Winery

sweet heart winery Loveland Colorado
Wine tasting!

Like wine? Like to sit in pretty surroundings and drink wine? Then the Sweet Heart Winery is for you.

Pop in for a flight, a glass or maybe even a bottle of your favourite. Flights start at $6, BARGAIN!

things to do in Loveland Colorado sweet heart winery
Have a sip among the barrels in the barn.

If you’re feeling something a bit less liquid then try a cheese or charcuterie plate. Plates start from $12. If the weather is good I recommend sitting outside while you drink and/or dine for stellar views.

The Flipside Arcade Bar

arcade bar things to do in Loveland Colorado
Pinball machines!

The Flipside is a fun retro bar full of pinball machines, bright lights and old school video games. They serve colourful cocktails and plenty of beer, but kids are also allowed on the premises.

Flipside Bar things to do in Loveland Colorado
LOVING cocktails and 4 player Pac Man.

I HIGHLY recommend the 4 player Pac Man machine near the front door, it is SO MUCH FUN. But be careful, tensions run high and it can get very competitive.

A very fun place to wile away a couple of hours!

Wicked Tequila Room

Wicked tequila bar things to do in Loveland Colorado
GIANT MARGARITAS with Julianna from @thediscoveriesof !

You have never seen such big margaritas until you see the fish bowl margaritas at Wicked Tequila Room. The music in this bar was on point, the decor is great and the atmosphere is lively. I even saw a guy eat a SCORPION while downing a flight of tequila shots.

things to do in Loveland Colorado wicked tequila bar
Look at all those tequila bottles.

It’s perfect for a night out with travel companions. You’ll make some great memories, and possibly have forgotten them by the morning!

Boyd Lake

Boyd Lake Loveland Colorado
A beautiful space for a picnic – (photo via Boyd Lake FB)

If it’s a hot day and you want to cool down then head to Boyd Lake. It’s a bit of a water sports haven, great for SUPing, jet skiing or boating. There are also camping grounds, picnic areas and volleyball courts.

It’s a great place for a day out if you’re into the outdoors. There are bike trails that head towards Fort Collins, and taking the bike means you don’t have to pay any entrance fees.

The Love Sign

things to do in Loveland Colorado
Love is in the name.

Loveland is, of course, all about LOVE. They have a Sweetheart festival every year. You can even send Valentines cards to be stamped, readdressed and resent from Loveland to your sweetheart.

But my #1 thing to do in Loveland is to visit the LOVE sign and add your own love lock to the sign. I added mine to the back of the heart-shaped O of LOVE.

love locks things to do at Loveland Colorado
Engraved my own love lock and attached it to the sign.

You can get and engrave locks in the visitor’s centre beside the sign, as well as shop for a few lovely (see what I did there) souvenirs.

It’s the perfect photo opportunity and a must-do on your Loveland bucketlist.

Loveland Gallery/Museum

If you like a bit of history and culture then check our the Loveland Museum. There’s plenty of geology, regional art and more. There are replicas of old shop fronts and lots of info about the sugar industry.

They have changing exhibits as well as fixed, so there’s always something new to see. There’s a nice little gift shop too.

Don’t forget that the museum/gallery is closed on Monday!

Peace Love and Little Donuts


This quirky little donut shop sells the most delicious and perfectly-sized cake donuts. They also serve up a decent iced coffee (and probably normal coffee) too!

The donuts are all sorts of flavours and colours. Try a banana split donut, salted caramel macchiato, raspberry lemonade or something equally as weird, wonderful and delicious.

peace love and little donuts loveland colorado
Who doesn’t love a box full of tiny donuts?!

It’s the perfect spot to grab a snack and sit in, or take away before you head off on your adventures around Loveland.

SO, there you have it, some of my favourite things to do in Loveland Colorado. There’s plenty more to discover about this arty city, but I hope I’ve given you a few ideas and maybe even inspired you to plan a trip to Loveland CO.

DISCLAIMER – My trip to Colorado was sponsored by Visit Colorado. However, my thoughts and opinions are my own and this post was not sponsored.

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pin things to do in Loveland Colorado

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