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magles smiley inn

Lund Sweden is a university town in Southern Sweden which I recently spent a couple of days in before heading to Copenhagen. During my visit to Lund Sweden I stayed in Magles Smiley Inn B&B. Here’s everything you need to know about Magles.

About Magles

This cosy little B&B is owned by Stefan and is currently being run by his two sons Alex and Sebastian. Alex tells me they opened Magles Smiley Inn about 3 years ago. What I love about this B&B is that Stefan and his family are travellers too. Stefan has been to 68 countries and lived in 10. IMPRESSIVE. So if anyone knows what a traveller needs from their accommodation, it’s this family.

This really shines through in the little finishing touches added around the Inn. For example, by the door they keep umbrellas for guests to borrow. There is also a pot full of excellent service pins that you can give to anyone in or outside the B&B that has given you wonderful service. So you’re all set to explore Lund Sweden.

Getting There

By train Lund Sweden is less than 40 minutes from Copenhagen airport and only 10 mins from Malmo. Once you arrive in Lund, Magles is only a 10 minute walk from the train station, right off the main market square. Getting there is easy. Leaving is hard. Not literally, of course. To leave you just get the train again. I meant that in a, it’s so lovely you’ll never WANT to leave, kind of way.

The Room

magles smiley inn

Magles Smiley Inn has 4 rooms, so it feels exclusive and cosy at the same time. All four rooms have wooden beams across the ceiling giving it that rustic look that makes a room feel warm even in the Swedish weather. The beds are all kitted out with incredibly comfortable down feather sheets and pillows.

Every room has a modern flat screen TV with several English and Swedish TV channels. There are also DVDs  and books available to use on a shelf outside the rooms. A desk, closet, small table and free wifi are also present in each room, making it the perfect place whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure.

Each room is fitted with a colourful en suite. The bathrooms are extremely modern and designed in a way to make the best use of natural light. The water is always warm and basic toiletries are provided. Which was great for me because I like to travel light and hate having to bring my own towel/soap etc.

Bottled water is provided every day in the room, however the tap water in Lund Sweden is also perfectly safe to drink.

The Food

magles smiley inn

Breakfast is included in the price of the room and is served in the dining room downstairs each morning. Times vary but it’s usually 07:00 – 08:30am on week days and 09:00-10:00am on weekends. However, if you require an earlier or later breakfast just ask Alex or Sebastian and they will try to accommodate you as best they can.

The breakfast is typically Scandinavian. There are meatballs, bread, fruit, yoghurt drinks, juice, all kinds of spreads, cereals, cold meats, cheese and salad. There’s also facilities for making coffee if you like that kind of thing! Coffee making facilities are also available downstairs outside of breakfast hours. Along with a some small sweets……. which I ate a lot of.

For lunch or dinner suggestions don’t hesitate to ask Alex or Sebastian to recommend somewhere close by. It’s also easy to wander around and find somewhere yourself due to the great location of Magles Smiley Inn in the centre of Lund Sweden.

What Did I Really Think?

magles smiley inn

Ok, so enough with the facts and figures. What did I personally think of this place? I LOVED this B&B. I was pleasantly surprised by how modern and spacious the rooms were. The rooms looked like something you would find in a high standard hotel. Essentially Magles is like a mini hotel with that cosy B&B atmosphere.

Stefan, Alex and Sebastian were INCREDIBLY helpful and the location of the Inn was perfect. It is surrounded by great restaurants, cafes and just around the corner from the theatre.

The room rate is also very reasonable with double rooms starting from ÂŁ70 (96 euro) per night.  Another massively important thing to me, being a travel blogger, is good wifi and Magles did not disappoint me there, thankfully!

Magles is the perfect place to stay for any kind of traveller. Whether you’re on buiness, visiting friends and family or having a romantic break, this B&B is everything you are looking for. I felt completely at home.

WANT A DISCOUNT? To get 10% off your stay at Magle’s just email them directly through their website and mention “Tara’s Blog”. EASY!


** Magles Smiley Inn provided me with a complimentary stay. However, the opinion expressed in this post is, as always, my own

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