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I have VERY briefly visited Switzerland. I flew into Geneva in order to get to Tignes, France. I didn’t have much time to explore but I do remember being absolutely enchanted by the beauty of the place. SO, obviously that left me wanting more. I want to explore all the small towns and climb the mountains and taste all the wonderful food.

So, I’m planning on going back in 2018. In this article, together with Inntravel, I’m bringing you my top reasons to visit Switzerland and a bit about slow travel through Switzerland. I’m not sure if you really need any more than the first reason, because, well, cheese, but I made a whole list anyway.

Why I Want to Visit Switzerland

reasons to visit switzerland where is tara

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1 – Raclette

Sweet heavenly Jesus, if you haven’t seen, eaten or heard about raclette then this is going to change your life (unless you’re vegan). Raclette is a swiss cheese, usually made in giant wheels and used for MELTING. The melted part is scraped off and normally dolloped onto potatoes, gherkins, onions and/or meat. A bit like fondue but not quite (different cheese etc). As far as I know raclette’s originally from the Valais region of Switzerland, which is obviously the region I most want to visit!

2 – Mountains

We all know Switzerland has more than its fair share of mountains, and I LOVE mountains. The feeling of reaching the top of a mountain, looking down at everything so far away, feeling the fresh air whipping your skin, it’s cleansing. I love it. The Matterhorn is by far the most famous and stands at 4,478m/14,692ft high. Then there are PLENTY of others to suit all levels of fitness for hikes/climbs etc. Not to mention how stunning the towns and villages look with the mountains surrounding them. Grindelwals definitely comes to mind!

3 – St. Bernards

YEP! Those beautiful, sleepy-looking dogs from the Beethoven movies have a LONG history in the mountains of Switzerland. You can visit the region of Valais and take a hike with the dogs at Great St.Bernard Pass. This is definitely on my Switzerland bucket list. Barry is the most famous of all the St.Bernard’s in Switzerland as he reportedly saved 40-100 lives. His body was preserved and can be seen in the Natural History Museum in Berne.

reasons to visit switzerland where is tara

Photo via Pixabay

4 – Lakes

Lake Geneva, Lake Lucerne, Lake Constance, Lake Thun, take your pick. There are literally thousands of lakes in Switzerland so if you like water activities and picturesque scenery (who doesn’t?!) then you’re in luck. And there’s even stunning castles overlooking lakes in Switzerland. Château de Chillon is one such castle set on the edge of Lake Geneva.

5 – Skiing

Obviously one of the main draws of Switzerland is the incredible skiing conditions and the stunning ski resorts. I’ve only ever had one ski lesson, but I did pretty well and I’d absolutely LOVE to do some more lessons and check out the apres-ski in Switzerland. I’ve obviously never been skiing in Switzerland, so I can’t recommend any personally, but the ones I have my eye on are Villars, Murren and Saas Fee.

6 – Chocolate

Guys, Switzerland is the home of Lindt. LINDT!!! Only the most delicious chocolate on Earth, in my humble opinion anyway. And not just Lindt, Toblerone too, the most famous of ALL airport confectionery. My family have always called me a chocoholic, so obviously Switzerland is high on my list of places to visit. I’d probably have to drop a stone/few kgs or something before I visited so that I could gain it all back in chocolate weight, haha. Two out of six of my reasons to visit Switzerland are food, that’s normal, right?!

About Inntravel & Visiting Switzerland

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Photo via Inntravel

If you want to take your time visiting Switzerland and really want to take in all wonderful things and sights I mentioned above then a holiday with Inntravel might be the answer. You can travel Switzerland via the integrated Swiss travel network on one of their two comprehensive trips focused around lakes and/or mountains. They are both self-guided.

This gives you the time you need to properly take in the stunning scenery, gorge yourself on the excellent food and enjoy the Swiss way of life. Also, accommodation along the way is in 3 or 4 star hotels, so you’ll always be comfortable on your journey. If you want to read more about trips by rail through Switzerland you can find all the info on the Inntravel website. On this kind of a trip I’m sure you’ll come across plenty of your own reasons to visit Switzerland.

*As mentioned at the start of this article, this post was written in collaboration with Inntravel.*

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  1. Robin Curry

    In 2010, we had a free place to stay in the tiny town of Flims, Switzerland. Flims has its own tourquoise lake which you can walk through the woods to get to, or you can ride a deserted funicular for a real experience! Using this as our home base for a week, we took day trips to Lucerne, Lichtenstein, and St. Moritz. One day from our porch we watched a major bike race go by for hours. The town had great food and was so friendly we didn’t want to leave!


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