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Instagrammable places in America where is tara
Instagrammable places in America (1)

Ireland and the USA have a bond unlike most other countries. They love us, we affectionately put up with them (just kidding, we love them). They celebrate our national day more than we do ourselves. It’s no wonder that America is one of Ireland’s favourite tourist destinations. We can’t get enough of the place (despite the woeful exchange rate nowadays).

With budget airlines and travel agencies now making access to the USA so much easier for us Irish, what better time to visit than now?! But it’s such a huge country it’s sometimes hard to decide where to visit. Let me make that decision a bit easier for you. I asked as many Irish Instagrammers as I could what their favourite spot in America was for getting the best photos.

After all, were you even there if you didn’t Instagram it? 😉 So, to help you decide, I’ve put together a list of some of the most instagrammable spots in America, as chosen by us Irish. America’s a big place, I couldn’t list them all, but this list is a great place to start!

The Most Instagrammable Places in America

Death Valley

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COMPETITION! Throw back to my favourite holiday moment during a road trip through the hottest place on eart, Death Valley National Park. There's a lot more to this photo than meets the eye. There's mystery, once in a lifetimes sightings, tales of coyote and roadrunner birds and even more. To find out what makes this my favourite holiday moment and for the chance to WIN A HOLIDAY with @british_airways then make sure to check out my latest blog (link in bio) for all the terms/conditions & details on how to enter. Tag a friend so that they can enter too! #BAHolidayMoments #ad #whereistara #deathvalley #deathvalleynp #nationalparks #desert #usa #america #flower #artistspalette #travel #travelblogger #wanderlust #landscape #scenery #furnacecreek #badwaterbasin #floralbloom #flowers #roadtrip #igers #instadaily #f4f #mountains #california #visitcalifornia

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This is the hottest place on earth and also home to the lowest point in North America (86m/282ft below sea level).  It looks like an alien planet. I was lucky enough to visit during a floral bloom which happens once every decade, hence all the flowers in the desert. You’ll be able to spot road runner birds and coyotes on any trip to Death Valley. But just watch out for the side-winder rattlesnakes!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Known for its beaches Fort Lauderdale is worth a visit if you’re in Florida, especially if you’re on the way down to Miami to catch a crusie ship. Try a gondola ride on the canal or hop on a hover boat for an everglades safari. 

Nashville, Tennessee


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Nashville (the city, not the TV show) is also known as “Music City”. But it’s not JUST about music. The street art is AMAZING, as you see from Janet’s photo above. If you want a good time then visit the Honky Tonk highway and party into the night. There’s just so much to do in Nashville that I can’t possibly fit it into a couple of lines!

Yosemite National Park, California

This stunning national park is set in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. If you like chasing waterfalls them this is the spot for you. SO MANY PHOTO OPPS. From giant sequoias to bear and mountain lions, there’s plenty to see here. I feel like the state of California is going to have quite a few entries on this list.

Las Vegas, Nevada


A post shared by Clair Kelly (@wheresclair) on

Well, Las Vegas is certainly popular with us Irish, and not just when Mr. McGregor has a fight, but why?? Well, it’s full of bright colours, lights and absolutely outrageous foodstuffs. For instance, check out Clair’s milkshake with a BURGER on top! A BURGER! Nothing makes better Instagram material than that! The Neon Museum is another amazing spot in Vegas which is perfect for a few snaps too. I never thought much about Vegas, but it’s firmly on my “must visit” list now.

Hollywood Sign, California


A post shared by Emer (@edooris) on

An absolute classic. How could I make this list without including the Hollywood sign?! An absolutely iconic landmark from countless movies, TV shows and music videos. This is a bucket list item for so many people. Not to be confused with our own Hollywood sign in Wicklow, of course. 

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

Wrightsville Beach was voted North Carolina’s best beach, so you’re bound to get some gorgeous holiday pics here. There are plenty of water sports to try such as SUPing, surfing or sea-fishing. The marina and piers are gorgeous spots for a stroll and hold plenty of photo opps. 

Maui, Hawaii

Ok, so ALL of Hawaii is one big Instagram heaven. BUT, I found Maui particularly stunning. From the road to Hana, to countless waterfalls and the Iao Needle (pictured above), you’ll have your memory card full in no time. Grab some shave ice in the hippy town of Paia and watch the surfers riding the terrifyingly big waves.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

OF COURSE, the Grand Canyon was mentioned several times by the people I surveyed for this post. The pure, stunning natural beauty of the place with the red/orange rock contrasting with the blue sky always makes for incredible photos. I’ve never been, but Siobhan (above) has and her pics are to die for. The Grand Canyon deserves to be on any list of Instagrammable places in America.

Times Square, New York 


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New York was by far the most mentioned city when I asked my Irish Instagram pals for their favourite spot in the US.  So much so that I had to split it up into a few different landmarks. Time Square is perfect because of the lights, the naked cowboy, the chaos, the movement – it all makes for an interesting and colourful photo. 

Bridges (any of them), New York 


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The bridges of New York are iconic. The Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges in particular. I’ve seen so many beautiful photos from the Brooklyn bridge that I nearly want to go back to NYC just to walk across. It has nothing to do with the Penneys/Primark that they have over in Brooklyn now, I swear. 

Chicago, Illinois


A post shared by Katie Brennan (@okaybee) on

There are SO many photo opps in Chicago. From Lake Michigan to the mirrored “Bean” (above), your Instagram feed will be LIT! Ride the ferris wheel at Navy Pieror or head to Wrigley Field and catch a traditional American baseball game!

Winslow, Arizona


A post shared by Oisin Feeney (@oisinmedia) on

I surprisingly got a couple of submissions for Winslow so it must be something special. Well, look at that crater (above), it certainly is impressive! It also seems to be a pretty photogenic town with the Route 66 symbol painted at the crossroads and the “Standin’ on the Corner” statue. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but I’ve never been and this article is already way longer than I planned.

Austin, Texas


A post shared by Deborah Knott (@debk0405) on

I LOVE street art, and Austin seems to have no shortage. You know the food here will be awesome too, because, well, Texas.  The Hope Outdoor Gallery is the place to go to see tonnes of incredible street art and murals all in one spot. Bring your own spray paint if you’re feeling creative. Definitely one of the most instagrammable places in America.

Burning Man (Black Rock Desert, Nevada)


A post shared by Deirdre Mullins (@deirdremullins) on

I’m sure we’ve ALL seen photos from Burning Man, people looking like they just stepped off the set of Mad Max, with more sequins and spandex. There’s something about this festival that makes for the most otherworldly, post-apocalyptic style scenes and shots. I’ve never been to Burning Man, but every year I stare in wonder at the photos.

San Francisco, California


A post shared by Breifne Earley (@breifneearley) on

I’m surprised this wasn’t mentioned a lot more, but here we are, SAN FRANCISCO! That brilliant red Golden Gate Bridge (above) has starred in many an Instagram photo, with good reason. Don’t forget to visit Alcatraz too, you can get great shots of the San Fran city skyline from there.

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Well, sure it’s no Trinity, but it’s worth a visit. But honestly, Harvard and its surrounding area is gorgeous. I went out there about 9 years ago from Boston and it was one of my favourite spots. There’s no shortage of photo opps, especially in Autumn, or “Fall” as they say in America. 

San Diego, California

Yep, MORE California. What is with this beautiful state?! Home to the San Diego Zoo, USS Midway Museum (above), Belmont Park and a plethora of sandy beaches, there are almost too many places to get a great photo in San Diego.

Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, Washington D.C

Everyone loves a good reflection! Depending on your view point this pool can reflect the Washington Monument or the Lincoln Memorial when still. Of course there are plenty of Instagrammable locations in Washington D.C, most famously, the White House. 

Melrose Avenue, L.A., California


A post shared by TheSheeSide (@thesheeside) on

You may recognise ares of Melrose from scenes in L.A. Ink, or Entourage. Melrose Avenue is all about SHOPPING. So for the fashionistas out there this is Insta-Heaven. A surprisingly artsy area with some great vintage shops and colourful street art. Definitely worth a stroll with your camera/phone in hand. 

The Statue of Liberty, New York

OF COURSE we had to mention herself, the aul State of Liberty. One of the most iconic landmarks in all of America, she makes a great addition to anyone’s Instagram feed. Take a cruise out to Liberty and Ellis island to get some great statue photos on the way over and some stunning skyline photos on the way back.

The Most Instagrammable Places in America

So there you have it, some of the most beautiful spots in America according to Ireland’s Instagrammers. So now all you need to do is book your flights to America. If you need some more Instagram inspiration them make sure to check out this post about Instagrammable Icons of America to help you decide where you’ll visit on your next trip 🙂 I feel like I need a big old road trip through the US to cover as many spots as possible now!

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  1. Babbette

    As someone that has lived in Ireland and is from the US, I found a lot to smile about with this post. The Trinity reference and especially the US celebrating St Patrick’s Day more than the Irish! I remember being in Dublin on St Patrick’s Day and thinking that there were more Americans celebrating than Irish. 😉

    Those are some classic photos in the post, I really enjoyed the read and the images. Thanks!


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