love torquay devon

27 Reasons Why I Love Torquay Devon

I lived in Torquay Devon for nearly 3 years. I love Torquay for a MILLION different reasons; the people I met there, who I became while I was living there etc etc. But since it's my 27th birthday today, and...
borough food market london

The Borough Market London – Foodie Paradise

As you may know I was recently in London reviewing my favourite hostel . However, let me tell you a little bit about my favourite place to hang out in the UK capital. It is, of course, the famous Borough M...
st. christopher's hostel london bridge village

Review: St. Christopher’s Village London Bridge

Last week I was on somewhat of a mini tour of the UK. I decided to spend a few days in London and thought it would be a great time to fit in a review of one of London's most reputable hostels, St. Christopher's...