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With all this time spent at home over the past couple of years it’s made me think about what I really want. Surprisingly, it’s not to live the nomadic life forever. Don’t get me wrong, I still love travelling, but I want to have a base to call home too.

So I’ve started manifesting my future home into reality (inspired by my friend Kellie). I’ve made my mortgage appointment, I’ve been writing lists of what I want, I started a Pinterest board and I’ve been buying all the things I see that would be perfect for my future house.

From buying ALL of the forest/cabin vibes prints from Poster Store to the Pinterest board of dreams, let me take you on a journey, of a different kind this time. Let’s talk about manifesting our dream homes!

Manifestation – What is it?

manifesting my future home manifest your dream home
I’m currently concentrating on manifesting my future home but travel is still a huge part of my life.

You’ve probably heard of “The Secret”, which is all about manifestation. Essentially manifestation means bringing something into your reality through various techniques such as visualization. Of course, this visualization must be in combination with taking proactive steps towards what you are trying to manifest.

It doesn’t just have to apply to things like your dream home. Some of my travel friends swear by it for getting the elusive free upgrade to business class! If you want to read more about it make sure to check out Lisa’s article about her success story of using manifestation to snag a business class upgrade.

How am I Manifesting my Future Home?

Shopping For My Future Home

manifesting my future home manifest your dream home
I’m all about a gallery wall at the moment.

I’ve always picked up things on my travels and the thought of having a home that I own to put them all in is so exciting. So now that I’ve decided that I want to settle down a bit I’ve been buying anything I see that I can visualize in my future house. Within reason, of course – I’ve got to keep building that deposit (especially with the insane house prices in Ireland)!

The one thing I’m particularly fond of buying is prints. I recently bought a bunch of posters and frames from Poster Store to create a gallery wall for my future home. They have the most gorgeous nature posters that make me feel like I’m snuggled up at a cabin in the middle of the woods.

And honestly, that’s exactly what I want. I want a house in the middle of nowhere, with no neighbours and lots of lovely nature around. Like that ranch I spent time at in Colorado – the absolute dream! So I guess buying these posters is another one of my ways to manifest my future home.

My Future Home Pinterest Board

manifesting my future home manifest your dream home
My “Home” Pinterest board!

I think we all use Pinterest as a bit of a mood board for our lives. But I think it’s particularly helpful for me when it comes to visualizing and manifesting my future home.

You can find inspiration from every house or interior trend in existence on Pinterest. Be warned, you need some serious self control when if comes to Pinterest boards, or you’ll lose hours of your day. However, it is absolutely worth it – there is so much creativity on that app. Take a peak at my “House” Pinterest board below.

Following Inspirational Home Accounts on Social Media

manifesting my future home manifest your dream home
Noelle’s House is a constant source of home inspiration for me!

Another thing I find really helpful for keeping my future home at the forefront of my mind is to follow interiors/home accounts on Instagram.

I’m hugely obsessed with @noelleshouse because her house is basically everything I want for myself. I also love @sarahkjp for incredible seasonal decor inspiration.

manifesting my future home manifest your dream home
Instagram is a great place to find inspiration for manifesting your dream home.

When it comes to DIY and all things bright and bold then I always look to @diyingtoupcycle , an Irish account full of gorgeous DIY hacks and upcycling tips that are affordable.

I save so many posts so that in the future I have a little album of ideas and inspiration. Instagram is great free tool for manifesting your dream home.

Making Lists

manifesting my future home manifest your dream home
Writing down what you want from your dream home is a powerful way to manifest your future home.

I make lists of everything I want in my future home. I think @chakra_khan_ inspired me to do this with her home manifestation highlight on Insta.

So basically I have a list of things I want in a house. First of all, it has to be relatively near a decently connected airport – of course (travel will always be a huge part of my life)! The list goes on; more than one bathroom, no neighbours, in nature, space for dogs to run around etc etc.

Whatever I want, I write it down. I think it helps keep me focused on what I want and focused on bringing it into my life.

Actively Taking Steps

manifesting my future home manifest your dream home
You have to be practical, it’s not all about visualization. You have to take steps to make it happen.

So of course, it’s not all visualization and curating gallery walls, I have to actually take active steps towards my dream home.

My first step was working part time as a pharmacist, because a stable job will obviously get me a better mortgage. My second step was setting up a direct debit from my current account into a saving account dedicated to my future house. My third step was to set up a mortgage meeting with my bank to see what I needed to do to get myself a mortgage.

Then, of course, I’ve been looking at houses non-stop on the main house buying websites in Ireland. I’ve also been visiting areas I think I might like to live, to visualize myself living there. Maybe it sounds a bit silly but it’s a huge decision so I have to take my time with it.

Are you planning on buying a house? How did you prepare? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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