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Wondering about taking a cruise? Not sure why everyone loves them so much? The thing that people don’t understand about cruises is that the onboard experience is the most important part of the trip and let me tell you, Princess Cruises takes this very seriously! In this article I’m going to show you some of the most magical experiences that you can have on board a Princess Cruise ship.

Wonderful Things to Experience on Board a Princess Cruise Ship

1) Treat Yourself to a Spa Day 

Discovery Princess Cruises
A treatment room in the Lotus Spa on board a Princess Cruise

Everyone loves a spa day, but there’s something about the gentle, almost imperceptible, sway of a cruise ship that adds an extra soothing element to the spa experience. The Lotus Spa on board Princess ships is vast and beautiful. The treatment list is as long as your arm and every treatment can be tailored to suit your particular needs or requirements. 

I had the detox wrap and it was phenomenal – 10/10! I fell asleep at least once, which I always think is the sign of a wonderful treatment. Not only was I wrapped up in detox potions and lotions, I also sunk down into a type of warm water bed which felt like I was being wrapped up in a comforting embrace. Honestly, when you book your Princess Cruise, book this spa treatment ASAP.

The Enclave

Not only are there the treatments, but there is also the thermal suite, The Enclave, which you can also use pre or post treatment. The Enclave has glorious heated loungers, a hammam, a pool and more. It’s the perfect spot for relaxing after all that sight seeing or walking around the buffet. Honestly, the Lotus Spa is an onboard experience like no other. I’d book another Princess Cruise just to get back into that spa.

2) Bento Boxes at The Sanctuary

Bento box lunch in The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a gorgeous adults-only solarium-type lounge area at the front of the ship. It has stunning views over the ocean and lux private cabana areas with TVs, blankets, refreshments and more. There are hot tubs and loungers and you can order food and drinks from the exclusive Sanctuary menu. 

I LOVE this area of the ship. You have to pre-book and only a certain number of people are allowed in at a time so it always feels calm and peaceful no matter what time of the day. The bento boxes on the menu are healthy and delicious. The edamame is to die for, trust me.

My recommendation is to have a cocktail or two in the hot tub, take in the expansive views sprawling out ahead of you, then pop back to the cabana and order yourself a bento box while you soak up the sun – BLISS!

3) Cocktails at Good Spirits Bar

Cocktails taste better at sea!

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail when they’re on holiday?! The cocktail show at Good Spirits Bar is a wonderful experience where the mixologists show you how they mix the delicious cocktails on the menu – *spoiler alert* it’s with PLENTY of flair. Rob Floyd is the expert mixologist behind the wonderful cocktails on display throughout the show – so you know they’re going to be a treat for the taste buds!

All the cocktails on the menu are inspired by destinations from around the world and they don’t just taste incredible, they tell a story. I highly recommend The Butterfly cocktail, because not only is it delicious, but it also CHANGES COLOUR when it is mixed! It is stunning to watch – almost too pretty to drink, almost. The cocktail show at Good Spirits Bar is the perfect way to start your evening on board your Princess Cruise.

4) Walk on Water

The Seawalk is a unique feature on board Princess Cruise ships. It’s an over-the-ocean glass walkway that makes you feel like you’re walking on water. It is 128ft above the ocean and might not be for the faint-hearted, but for those brave enough to step foot on the glass it is an exhilarating experience. It’s actually one of my favourite spots on board any Princess ship.

5) Breakfast on the Balcony

Ultimate Balcony dining is an incredible experience on any Princess Cruise

For me the Ultimate Balcony Dining is one of the most special experiences on board a Princess Cruise ship. There is a breakfast and a dinner option available. I booked the breakfast option for myself one lazy morning during my Discovery Princess cruise and let me tell you, it was something else.

The staff will bring you a whole host of fresh fruit, pastries and hot breakfast items. Not to mention the coffee, juice and champagne. All of that combined with the fresh sea air, the warmth of the sun and the privacy of your own balcony = HEAVEN!

It does cost a bit extra ($45 for breakfast for two), but it is absolutely worth it and feels like a truly unique treat. You don’t even have to get dressed, just pop on your Princess Cruise robe and slippers for an extra touch of luxury.

6) Spectacular Sail Away Party

When a Princess Cruise ship leaves its embarkation port the staff put on a PARTAYY on the top deck. This party is called the sail away party so that everyone can celebrate the start of their cruise holiday. Usually there’s plenty of live music, dancing, decorations and revelry.

It’s a great opportunity to mingle with your fellow cruise guests and is a truly lovely way to kick off your holiday! When the sail away party starts, you know your cruise is truly underway. 

See you on Board!

I hope I’ve managed to give you a glimpse of the wonderful experiences available on board a Princess Cruise. Of course, there are so many other amazing experiences to have on board that I couldn’t fit into this article. You can read more about all the magic of a Princess Cruise on the official Princess website. If you haven’t booked your cruise already then what are you waiting for?! GET BOOKING! See you on the high seas!

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