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If you’re a foodie then Princess Cruises is the perfect cruise line for you. From delicious fresh-baked bread to decadent chocolate desserts there’s something to treat all palates.

In fact, Princess was voted “Best Cruise for Food Lovers” by Food and Wine magazine – which is a pretty impressive seal of approval. So grab yourself a snack, because this article is guaranteed to make you hungry!

Delicious Foodie Experiences On Board Princess Cruises

1) Pastry Paradise

Got a sweet tooth? Then The Pastry Shop is the place to be on board any Princess Cruise. The cookies are widely regarded as the best of any cruise line.They’re fresh, delicious and you can even get them delivered to your room for free using OceanNow.

They also serve the most delicious gooey brownies in The Pastry Shop which I could not pass up on my last cruise, they’re borderline addictive. You’ll find The Pastry Shop in the World Fresh Marketplace buffet area.

2) Pizza Please

Princess pizza has literally won awards. It has been voted the best pizza at sea. There is nothing better than grabbing a fresh slice of Four Cheese pizza from the pizza bar, Slice, and chilling poolside. The slices are huge, thin and truly mouth-watering – you will love them. The pizza was my go-to comfort lunch/snack nearly every day during my trips on Discovery and Sky Princess.

If you prefer your pizza in a sit down environment you can chow down at Gigi’s or Alfredo’s pizzeria, or even order room service and enjoy pizza on your balcony! The options are endless!

3) Balcony Dining

Ultimate Balcony Dining is one of the most special foodie experiences that you can have on board a Princess Cruise. You can book to have either dinner or breakfast served in the most spectacular way on your cabin balcony.

I was treated to the balcony breakfast during my stay on Discovery Princess, complete with champagne, coffee, fresh pastries and much more. Ultimate Balcony Dining is perfect for a special occasion and while it does incur an extra cost, it’s very affordable ($45 for the breakfast option for 2 people).

4) Luxury Dining Options

The specialty restaurants on board Princess Cruises are legendary. Treat yourself to the sensational black and blue french onion soup at Crown Grill which is so popular that you can find copycat recipes across the web. Fancy something lighter? Try the creamy burrata at Sabiniti’s or the creamy potato gratin at Bistro Sur La Mer.

Specialty restaurants do incur a cover charge, but it is very reasonable and definitely worth it for a gorgeous night of delicious food.

5) Cocktails at Sea

The cocktails on board a Princess Cruise are designed by master mixologist Rob Floyd and are definitely something to write home about. Sip on an Apples Delight, inspired by beautiful Madeira, at the bar in Good Spirits, or order a cocktail straight to your favourite spot on board – trust me, they’ll find you.

On my last Princess Cruise I ordered a drink to the pool loungers using OceanNow then decided to grab a snack in the buffet. A  member of staff managed to find me in the buffet and handed me my drink – it was truly magical! You will only get that kind of service on board a Princess Cruise.

6) Chocolate Journeys

Chocoholics will go crazy for Princess Cruises Chocolate Journeys desserts. These combine premium quality chocolate with unique flavors and artful designs and can be found at various venues throughout each Princess ship.

I am a self-confessed chocolate addict and Chocolate Journeys is one of my favourite things about cruising with Princess. The Chocolate Journeys Rocher in Sabitini’s is visually stunning as well as an absolute treat for the taste buds.

7) Popcorn and a Movie

Prefer your snacks savoury and al fresco? Then munching away on some delicious salty snacks while wrapped up in a warm fleece blanket in front of the big screen is perfect for you. During Movies Under the Stars Princess staff serve freshly popped popcorn to attendees.

The popcorn is delicious, the movies are recent releases and the night sky looks spectacular. This is one of my favourite experiences available on board a Princess Cruise. It’s perfect for a family night or even a date night!

8) 24hr Snacks

Late night snacker? No problem! The International Cafe is open 24hrs for delicious snacks and beverages. The cheeseburger pie is a cult classic among Princess Cruise regulars and an absolute must-try. Personally, as a vegetarian, I love the caprese sandwich.

They have a whole host of specialty coffees to suit all tastes. Thanks to the Medallion technology the barista will even know your favourite coffee order so you’ll feel like a regular!

Time to Book Your Princess Cruise!

By now I hope you have realised that food is one of the main reasons to book a Princess Cruise. Honestly, if food is important to you while on holiday/vacation then do yourself a favour and just book a Princess Cruise.

Princess hire experts from around the world to bring the freshest and most delicious food to their guests every single day. You can truly see the influence their cruise destinations and staff have on the food served on board. If you want to read more about the foodie experiences available on board a Princess Cruise make sure to check out their website.

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