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As most of you know I have lived in Dublin for most of my life. So, is it really any surprise that I think Dublin is the best city for students planning to study English abroad?! I know, I’m probably a bit biased, but I have very good reasons and I’m about to share them all with you. Let’s go!

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7 Reasons to Study English in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Trinity College Campanile
Trinity College Dublin is an iconic Dublin landmark.

The Accent

The Irish accent is universally loved and often tops polls as the best accent in the world. Sometimes, when people learn English in a certain country they can pick up the local accent and pronunciations.

IMAGINE how amazing you’d sound with a little Irish lilt to your accent when you speak English?! I absolutely love when I meet foreign people who have learned their English in Dublin and 50% of their pronunciations sound as Irish as humanly possible.

Dublin PYG pygmalion Dublin
The nightlife in Dublin is legendary and there are all kinds of bars and clubs to suit your taste.

Great Nightlife

Of course, Ireland is also known for the craic and showing people a great time. The pubs, the live music, the people all come together to make for one hell of a night out. I mean, you’re not going to be studying all the time, a lot of your afternoons and evenings will be free so you’ll be able to enjoy the Irish nightlife!

In Dublin Temple Bar is the area of town that’s famous for cobbles streets, live music and overpriced pints of Guinness. It’s definitely worth experiencing, I do love a bit of Temple Bar, but you’ll find locals in bars and pubs on South William Street, Fade Street, George’s Street, Camden Street and plenty of others.

Dublin Bewleys hot chocolate
The locals in Dublin (like me) are warm and welcoming!

Friendly Locals

Dublin is packed to the brim of colourful, friendly locals (LIKE ME) ready to welcome you. Irish people are famous for their warm welcome and honestly, it’s true. Dublin is just like a really big small town, people know each other, people chat to strangers and people are proud and happy to show off their city to foreign visitors.

gift guide for hikers and adventurers mayo Ireland
Ireland is absolutely beautiful. Mayo is one of my favourite counties.

Ireland is Beautiful

In case you haven’t heard, Ireland is green, gorgeous and full of stunning places to visit. If you decided to study English in Dublin you can visit lots of beautiful places for day trips or weekends away, or even stay on after you finish your course to do a bit of travelling around this little green island.

I highly recommend County Mayo and the entire Wild Atlantic Way in general. Also, Wexford is always a great choice for the beaches and cute towns. Wicklow Mountain National Park is also absolutely gorgeous and a must visit. 

Dublin Trinity College Museum Building
The is history everywhere in Dublin from the Museum Building of Trinity College to ancient Newgrange and beyond.

Full of History

Ireland is a land of myths, legends, fairytales and rich rich history. There is A LOT of that to be seen in Dublin. When you’re not in class studying English you can visit The Book of Kells, a gorgeous ancient, illustrated manuscript. You can marvel at the bullet holes in the columns of the GPO left there by gunfire during the Easter Rising in 1916.

Honestly, the whole city is full of historic places to visit such as Kilmainham Gaol, Powerscourt Townhouse, St.Patrick’s Cathedral, The National Museum of Ireland and more. The one place you absolutely HAVE to visit if you’re into history is Newgrange. It’s a little bit outside Dublin (it’s in Meath) and was built in 3200BC, so it’s older than the pyramids and well worth the day trip.

Dublin Temple Bar Jam Art Factory
Temple Bar is a tourist hub in Dublin and it is well worth a visit during your time studying English in Dublin.

It’s the Perfect Size

For a capital city Dublin is very small. There’s pretty much nothing overwhelming about it. The population is only 1.4 million, so, like I said earlier, it’s more like a large village in comparison to other capital cities. The entire city is easily walkable if you don’t have any mobility problems. A lot of attractions, restaurants, shops and bars will be within walking distance of the classroom. 

Dublin Roe and Co Whiskey Tour (2)
There are so many things to do in Dublin so when you’re not studying English you definitely won’t be bored.

Plenty of Things to do

Outside of the classroom you won’t be short of things to do in Dublin. Visit the iconic Guinness Storehouse, take a trip on the Viking Splash tour or spot the wild fallow deer in Phoenix Park. You certainly won’t be bored. Personally I love just strolling down Grafton Street, doing a bit of shopping and having a coffee. 

Let’s Wrap it up

Ok, I could wax lyrical about Dublin for another 1000 words but I reckon I’ve given you enough to pique your interest and give you an idea of what Dublin life might be like. If you’re thinking about studying English abroad I sincerely hope you consider Dublin as an option and I hope that Worddy helps you find the perfect school and course for you. 

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