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You all know I love a pop of colour and there’s no better way to make a house/apartment feel like your own than injecting a bit of colour into it – whether it’s a gallery wall or a statement rug. Since I recently bought my first house and have been trying to make it feel like home I thought I’d share with you all my favourite bright, bold and colourful homeware brands. From quirky prints by Poster Store to festive wreaths from Dunnes, I’m here to give you some homeware inspiration.

Colourful Homeware Brands That I Love

Poster Store

colourful homeware
My Peggy Sue Diner print from Poster Store has gotten so many compliments!

Poster Store has been my go to online shop for frames and prints for a couple of years now. Frames can be incredibly expensive, but Poster Store frames are affordable and great quality. I love their metallic range, not to mention the durable acrylic glass they use that means I never worry about them breaking. Plus their range of prints is HUGE. They come in all sizes, colours and styles. Their gallery wall section is super helpful if you want some home inspiration too. It’s amazing how much of a difference some great wall art can make to your home.

I actually have a DISCOUNT CODE for you to use on Poster Store. The code is WHEREISTARA and it gets you 45% off on all posters (except Selection Posters and frames). It’s not combinable with other discount campaigns and is valid from 19th to 30th of September 2022 so be quick!

Bombay Duck

colourful homeware
This is my happy place! Is this not the most colourful pillow you’ve ever seen?!

Bombay Duck is a UK brand that creates the most stunning and joyful homeware. The price tag might be a bit high for some but when you snag something in their sale it feels like such an achievement. The doormats are such cute statement pieces as well. I accidentally bought two for myself and honestly, I’m delighted to have one at my front and back door. Basically every piece on this website is colourful perfection!


colourful homeware
This Typo planter combined with my Aloe plant is giving Oddish.

My naked body planters from Typo are one of my favourite items that I own. I saw them when I was over in the UK and then couldn’t stop thinking about them so I ordered them online using the AnPost AdressPal service to get them delivered to Ireland. Typo have TONNES of unusual bits and pieces from Care Bears throws to cute floor cushions, there’s truly something for everyone.

Dunnes Stores

colourful homeware
This Dunnes wreath goes so well with my pink door!

Dunnes has truly upped its game in the past few years across food, clothes and homeware. There is no question that they do a FANTASTIC Irish language slogan cup and pillow. They also have the best seasonal wreaths going for incredible prices. I’m pretty sure my current autumnal wreath only cost me €15 last year. They currently have gorgeous ones on sale for a max of €25. Their Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic range is particularly great for bold patterns and colours.


colourful homeware
Colourful push pins from Shein!

Listen, I know it’s not ethical, but sometimes you just need some cheap, budget-friendly bits – especially when you’ve just spent thousands on a new home/Dublin rent. Shein is absolutely perfect if you need to decorate on a budget. They have the BEST affordable cushion covers, novelty picture frames, wall stickers and more. I even got some colourful push pins from Shein for my cork board world map. You just have to be selective about the items you choose, make sure to read the full description and reviews.

Urban Outfitters

colourful homeware
COLOURFUL HOMEWARE for every room please!

My favourite novelty bath mats are from Urban Outfitters. Sure, they’re not the cheapest, but I got one of them on sale so it evened out. They have lots of unusual bits like toadstool curtain ties, garlic-shaped candles and more. I’m not into their clothes at all anymore, but their homeware is still worth a look for sure.

Local Secondhand Shops and Creators

Ok so I know a lot of the brands/shops I’ve mentioned so far are big brands. However, shopping small and local can be a great way to find unique stand out homeware. I just got an entire set of crockery, we’re talking four dinner plate, four side plates and four bowls for just €3 in my local charity shop. I also bought soooooo many prints from my favourite Irish artists during the pandemic and have them dotted all around my house, so make sure to check out creators in your local area.


colourful homeware
The only bad thing about neon candles is that they’re so pretty you never want to light them.

I love all things neon and my neon candles from Avoca are no exception. I’ve always loved a bit of Avoca and I love it now more than ever. They don’t have a huge homeware selection online, but in store you’ll find all sorts of treasures.

Of course there are plenty of other magical, colourful homeware brands to buy from, but I hope this gives you some inspiration! I’ll probably end up adding to this list as I continue decorating my home. If there are any great homeware brands that you recommend definitely contact me on Instagram and let me know. I’d love to hear your recommendations!


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