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Finding swimsuits, bikinis and any other kind of swimwear that works for a curvy body can be difficult. We don’t all want a tankini!! Curves sometimes need a bit more from swimwear, like control panels, extra support, mix and match sizes and adjustable straps, to name a few. Here are some of my favourite brands that cater to curvy women of a variety of shapes and sizes.

Swimsuits and Bikinis That are Perfect for Your Curves

Kitty & Vibe

kitty and vibe Willow bikini
The Kitty and Vibe Willow bikini made from 100% recycled material.

Kitty & Vibe is a super inclusive brand that I just recently discovered. In the above photo I’m wearing the Willow Underwire Top in size G and the Willow High Hip Bottoms in an L2. I also have the Willow silk scarf used as a head band.

Kitty & Vibe have lots of fun colourful prints to choose from. I chose the Willow because I love that it is made from 100% recycled material and the pale blue is just so pretty.

kitty and vibe bikini review (2)
Matching all my accessories to the Willow bikini!

What people love about this brand is that they cater to all shapes and sizes, in particular different booty sizes. Hence why there is a 1 and a 2 available in each bottom size. You can check out their size chart for further info.

They also offer various mix and match cuts/styles in their bikinis such a scoop top, bandeau top, plunge top, high hip bottoms, side tie bottoms, cheeky bottoms and more!


best swimwear for curvy women
My favourite Figleaves one piece!

Figleaves is one of my absolute FAVOURITE brands. They have great inclusivity/diversity in their advertising campaigns and online models. The shopping experience on their site makes me happy and I never feel like their clothes aren’t for a body like mine.

I’m a devoted fan of their puzzle soft cut out swimsuits (I have it in 3 different colours) and their high waist briefs. When it comes to swimwear I have about 5 of their swimsuits. I can order online without worrying if they’ll fit.

swimwear for curvy women 4
The Icon Positano non-wired Square Neck swimsuit is my new favourite from Figleaves!

Figleaves swimwear come in various styles, have support, often have adjustable straps and some can be ordered according to cup size (up to a GG). Swimsuit sizes range from a UK 6 – 20. I wear a size 14 UK in both of the above swimsuits and I’m about 5ft 8.


best curvy swimwear for curvy women 1
I love this one piece that looks like a bikini from Monki.

I absolutely LOVE Monki clothes. It’s soft, comfortable and reasonably priced with a lot of items being ethically produced as well. However, this year is the first year that I’ve tried their swimwear and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.

I ordered two suits from them, both tie cut-out swimsuits that sort of look like two piece bikinis. I love the quirky prints they have on Monki, they’re always a little different. Have a browse and you’ll see what I’m saying.

I usually get a Medium in Monki clothes but I knew I’d need a Large in the swimsuits I ordered because I have a larger chest. The L fit perfect. Their bottoms go from an XS to an XL and some of their swimsuits range from XXS to XL. However, their underwire cups only go up to a C.

The models on their site are very much edgy, natural, beautiful but still fairly normal girls. They’re not all high fashion models photo shopped to the gills.

Prefer Youtube?
Check out my Channel and my Swimwear Haul Below!


best swimwear for curvy women asos fuller bust
The ASOS fuller bust range is great for women who are bigger on top. They also have a curve line!

Obviously ASOS is a great place to shop for swimwear because they stock multiple brands and you can search by size. Not all of their brands will be great for curves but plenty are.

ASOS’s own brand seems to go up to a UK 18 in a lot of swimwear designs. They also have an ASOS Curve range that runs from a size 16 to 30 UK. ASOS even do a fuller bust collection that go up to a G. So that caters to a huge variety of shapes and sizes. They also allow you to choose different sizes in top and bottom in their bikini sets. AND they have tall and petite options which is great if you have a longer/shorter torso.

Of course, aside from their own brand they also stock Simply Be, New Look, River Island, Figleaves, South Beach and plenty more with lots of size options and curve/plus lines. What I really like about ASOS’s own brands is that they keep up with trends and their designs are never frumpy, you can get fun, cute swimwear in pretty much all shapes and sizes. They don’t assume that a size 18 UK won’t want a thong bikini bottom and a plunge bikini top, they offer the option to all sizes in most designs.


best curvy swimwear for curvy women 1
OBSESSED with these bikini bottoms from Aerie. The most comfortable!

OK, so I LOVE Aerie but they’re not 100% the best if you’re an hourglass shape with a big bust (like me). What they are perfect for is curvy pears and apples. I adore their designs, cuts and fabric but I don’t find much support in their bikini tops. However, I would buy their high cut cheeky bikini bottoms in EVERY COLOUR IMAGINABLE – perfect fit, perfect material.

Size-wise Aerie goes from XXS to XXL (online only). They offer a Long option in their one pieces. I usually order an XL in Aerie swimwear. They do a lot of great sales and have some very cute colourful options.

Curvy Kate

best swimwear for curvy women 4
Curvy Kate is all about celebrating curves and their swimwear is no exception.

With a name like Curvy Kate you know exactly what you’re getting. They do bust sizes from 30 up to 44G. Everything they sell is designed to support and optimize curves and make the wearer feel confident, comfortable and absolutely beautiful. You can buy direct on Curvy Kate or find it on other sites like Brastop and Simply Be.

Simply Be

best swimwear for curvy women simply be
Love the idea of this reversible bikini from Simply Be.

Simply Be is one of my favourite sites for curve-friendly outfits. I love their own brand bits; they fit great. They also stock lots of other curve-friendly brands like Curvy Kate, Figleaves and more. At the moment they have these reversible bikinis which I’m loving the idea of, how handy would that be for travel?! Two bikinis in one = more space in the suitcase. Size-wise they range from a UK 12-32.

PLT Shape

Best swimwear for curvy women PLT Shape
PLT Shape is all about that hourglass figure, so it could be the brand for you. I haven’t tried it personally but I like having the option.

OK, so this is a new one to me but I discovered it during my research. PLT Shape is specifically designed for curvy girls from size 8-20 UK. There are some seriously sexy swimsuits and bikinis in the PLT Shape collection, so if that’s what you’re after then look no further.


If you’re in America you might want to check out Torrid, Modcloth and Target as they have some great options from what I’ve seen on Youtube. I’m addicted to watching Sierra Schultzzie and Carrie Dayton hauls and those brands have come up in the past.

I’m sure there are plenty of other brands that I’ve missed. Let me know in the comments if there are any brands you love and swear by. I’d love to hear from you.

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