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There are so many benefits of a spa day for both your mind and body. You should never feel guilty for treating yourself to a spa treatment.

Next time you need an excuse (not that you should EVER need an excuse) to take a spa day , whip out this article and share it around so that everyone knows that there are PLENTY of spa benefits and you’re just trying to take advantage of them all!

Here are all the reasons why your next trip should be to the spa.

Top 15 Spa Day Benefits

benefits of a spa day spa benefits of spa treatment

There are so many benefits of spa treatments. Photo via Pixabay

  1. FRESH SKIN. Your skin will be glowing after a delicious sugar or salt scrub.  All the dead skin cells will be scrubbed away into oblivion and shiny new ones will be revealed.
  2. DESTRESS. Everything about the spa from the lighting to the treatments are designed to make you calm, chilled out and relaxed. After a spa treatment you’ll be walking on clouds. So if work, relationships, or just life in general are stressing you out, a spa day is exactly what you need.
  3. DISCONNECT. You get plenty of time for quiet reflection when you’re in the spa. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by how “connected” we are in this day in age. A spa is usually a no phone, no laptop, no Wi-Fi zone so you can truly get away from the world. Which, nowadays, is a rare luxury.
  4. BREATHE EASY. The sauna and/or steam room is great for respiratory conditions. It helps to open your airways which can help to soothe asthma, coughs and colds. So really, you need a spa day, for your health. It’s just science!
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    Spas make me happy! Smiles = #1 benefits of going to a spa.

  5. RELIEVE ACHES & PAINS. A good massage can take away aches and pains and help with joint pain conditions like arthritis. Just make sure you let your therapist know of any pre-existing conditions before the massage. I reckon you need to take a spa day at least once a month (easier done if you’re somewhere cheap like Indonesia), for your muscles’ sake.
  6.  – BYE BYE TOXINS. The steam in the sauna/steam rooms helps you to sweat out toxins and a massage helps your lymphatic system to flush toxins from your body. A spa day is essential for when you’ve done a little too much indulging! Post Christmas, post birthday, post weekend, WHENEVER! Get in there and detox yourself. Just make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards.
  7.  – BLOOD FLOW! Massage stimulates blood flow hence boosts circulation. It can ever help to lower blood pressure. So if you have circulation problems then you need to get some hands on you, manipulating your tissues and muscles.
    benefits of a spa day spa benefits of spa where is tara

    Respiratory and circulation improvements are just some of the many spa benefits. Photo via Pixabay.

  8.  – VEINS. Leg massages can help prevent varicose veins. So if you’re on your feet all day in work then you definitely need to treat yourself to a massage for your perambulating limbs.
  9.  – TIME TOGETHER. A spa treatment can be a great bonding experience for friends, family and couples. Got a mother-in-law you’re not getting on with? Take her for a spa day! Me and my boyfriend love a couples’ massage experience. Need a baby shower idea? Spa day! Honestly, a spa day is usually the answer to any question.
  10.  – CONFIDENCE. A spa experience can boost body confidence as you’ll HAVE to get fairly used to being naked. Nothing like lying on a therapy table in disposable underwear to make you comfortable with your own skin. The ideas of spas used to freak me out. I didn’t like the idea of being naked or semi-naked in a non-private environment. But now, after trying tonnes of different spa treatments in spas around the world, I’m definitely more body confident.

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    Spas with seaviews definitely come with double the spa benefits haha.

  11.  –  ENERGY. Depending on the oils used in your treatment a massage or spa treatment can give you energy. Peppermint, lemon, orange and cedarwood are just a few examples of oils that are great for vitality and energy.
  12.  – WORK BENEFITS. Head, feet and hand massages are known to have the ability decrease the frequency of migraines/headaches when done correctly. Headache/migraine is one of the leading reasons for absence from work. SO, technically, a spa day really could help you to be better at your job! I can already hear you using that line in the office haha.
  13.  –  FIGHT INFECTION. Massage can increase the amount of white blood cells in your system, boosting your immune system and helping to defend against infections. So the spa is absolutely perfect for battling those colds in the winter months!

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    Living my best live at Galgorm Resort and Spa.

  14.  – SKIN TONE. A facial/facial massage can help refine pores, quench skin and slow the onset of wrinkles. So you’ll feel and look amazing after your spa day. I always feel like I’m absolutely glowing with I leave the spa!
  15.  – HAPPINESS. Ok, so this has been a long list of spa benefits but I’ve saved the best for last. Massage releases serotonin (the happy hormone) so it’s great for your mental health, state of mind and mood. Chemically, you’ll just feel better after a massage. This is by far my favourite benefit of a spa day. 

So go book yourself a spa day with some of your favourite people or just for yourself! Share this article with your friends so that everyone knows a visit to the spa isn’t just a treat, it’s an essential.

With all these physical and mental benefits of a spa day, we don’t just deserve a spa day, we need a spa day  – FOR OUR HEALTH!

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7 Responses

  1. Amanda Drew

    That’s cool that the oils a spa treatment will have in it can help you get more energy. Recently, I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head chopped off, and I could really use a break. It seems like I should find a spa to go to and let myself relax.

  2. Kyle

    Great article, I will forward along to my wife and daughters. They could use a spa day.

  3. Issie

    Hi Tara. Thanks for sharing such a great spa. I agree with you with 15 Reasons Why a Spa Day is Good For You. I’m a spa and massage lover, so I always visit spa and massage places. I also do it at home especially foot spa. It’s said that foot is the center of health so I prioritize with foot health. If we take care good feet, we can get good health.

  4. Millie Hue

    It got me when you said that having a spa day will also refine the pores and help the formation of wrinkles to slow down. I guess I am convinced to go for a spa this weekend since I noticed that I have already started growing lines on my forehead. I think I am too young for these lines, but I guess the stress really has kicked in. Thanks for the information!

  5. Ellie Davis

    I like that you point out that a spa experience can boost self-confidence. My daughter is going to high school next week and I want to take her for a spa day beforehand. I’ll have to look into finding the best spa in my area.

  6. Carol

    Love a day spa! I’ve had a few vouchers over the years & I am always super grateful because its not something I’d ever do for myself. I could totally go for a massage, haircut & facial right now ! Who wouldn’t want to feel fresh & blissed out! Getting beauty spa gift vouchers or full day spa packages as a gift are always awesome.

  7. Samantha Jagan

    Well said, Tara! Obviously, spa reduces the stress which connects mind and body. I loved it


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