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UNICORN GIFTS travel christmas gifts where is tara UNICORN GIFTS travel christmas gifts where is tara

*FYI this post contains affiliate links*

Ok, so those of you who know me, or saw any of my posts from my birthday, will know that I am a BIG fan of unicorns. Always have been. If I had been in Sweet Valley High I would have 100% been in Jessica Wakefield’s high school gang, “The Unicorns”. Most of you won’t have a clue what that means, but trust me, I’m a long term unicorn fan. So, naturally, I love unicorn gifts for any occasion. I have a few of the things on this list already, but there’s always room for more unicorn travel essentials. Hopefully this list will help those of you who are struggling with gift ideas for the unicorn-lovers in your lives. 

     Perfect Travel Gifts for Unicorn Lovers

Unicorn Passport Cover and Luggage Tag Set

unicorn gifts travel gifts christmas where is tara

Make your luggage and passport look magical and absolutely fabulous with this stunning gift set. You will be the envy of all your fellow travel unicorns at passport control, check in and baggage claim.

Buy online HERE for £13.95!!


Unicorn Manicure Travel Set

unicorn gifts travel gifts christmas where is tara

A unicorn lover’s gotta keep her holographic, sparkly, glittery nails in check. This unicorn travel manicure set is gorgeous on the outside and functional on the inside. It makes for a great stocking filler or Kris Kindle present.

Buy online HERE for £6.49!


Unicorn 2018 Planner/Notebook

unicorn gifts notebook diary travel christmas gift where is tara

When you’re always on the go you need a good diary/planner/notebook to keep your life in check. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect diary, and this one is definitely a contender.

Buy online HERE for £7!


Comfy Unicorn Leggings

unicorn gifts travel christmas gifts where is tara

When you’re a frequent flying unicorn comfort comes first. This is where leggings come in! Lovely, soft, stretchy, wildly colourful material will make any journey better. Hell, you don’t have to be travelling to enjoy these leggings, imagine being the most magical unicorn in the gym, lifting all the weights, or on a yoga retreat! I have a couple of options here for you.

Click HERE to check out ASOS unicorn leggings (£70). 
Click HERE to check out Amazon unicorn leggings(£11.99).


Unicorn Travel Bags

unicorn gifts travel christmas gifts bags where is tara

I always pack small canvas and drawstring bags with me when travelling. They’re so handy for heading out to markets or day trips and they essentially take up no room in a suitcase/backpack. There’s all sorts of patterns available but here’s a couple of examples.

Rainbow unicorn canvas shopping bag, click HERE to buy (£4.02).
Unicorn emoji drawstring gym bag, click HERE to buy (£1.53).


Unicorn Face Mask

unicorn gifts christmas travel gift list face mask where is tara

The air on a plane is notoriously bad for your skin. To keep everything hydrated you need to drink plenty of water AND, if you’re brave, wear a face mask. Obviously this is a long-haul flight kind of item. But it’s fun, functional and extremely pretty. Another great little stocking filler for Christmas or easy add-on to a birthday present!

Click HERE to buy online (£5.00).


Cosy Unicorn Hoody

unicorn gifts christmas travel gifts hoody where is tara

When you’re on the go a decent hoody is key, and if it happens to make you look like a unicorn then all the better! Again, there are many option, but this one is my favourite.

Click HERE to buy online (£11).


Unicorn Earphones

unicorn gifts earphones christmas travel gifts where is tara

I have these and I love them. I love a novelty earphone in general. Like most of the things on this list they’re fun, pretty, functional and perfect for any unicorn lover. The perfect travel accessory for listening to all those podcasts that I have yet to get into….. or just normal music.

Click HERE to buy online (£11).


Inflatable Unicorn Pool Toy

unicorn gifts inflatable pool toy christmas travel gift where is tara

The perfect accessory for any tropical trip. And just think of the photo opps. They are pretty heavy though, even when deflated, so make sure to pack it in your suitcase. 

Click HERE to buy online (£11).


GLORIOUS Unicorn Travel Pillow

unicorn gifts travel pillow christmas travel gifts where is tara

I have this any I absolutely love it. I got it for my birthday from my wonderful cousin! It comes in a few different colours. IMAGINE strutting on board with this bad boy, you’d be the envy of the entire plane in all your magical unicorn glory! I’m dying to try mine out on a long flight. If you buy one thing on this list of unicorn gifts, make it this!

Click HERE to buy online (£10).


Fluffy Unicorn Eye Mask

unicorn gifts fluffy eye mask christmas travel gift where is tara

Imagine this teamed with the travel pillow!! Amazing! And the hoody?! You’d essentially BE a unicorn. I also have one of these. It’s a slightly different version, not as fluffy, this one actually looks a bit more comfortable. Great for basically all of life.

Click HERE to buy online (£1.50).


Essential Unicorn Power Bank

unicorn gifts travel power pack christmas travel gift where is tara

I also have this item. The guy at security was quite amused when he pulled it out of my carry-on. He was happy enough to let me continue on my journey though. Everyone needs a spare battery/power bank nowadays with all the gadgets we use, so why not have one that’s shaped like a unicorn?!

Click HERE to buy online (£12.93).


Unicorn Travel Mug

unicorn gifts travel mug christmas travel gifts where is tara

To keep your beverages hot or cold depending on what you need. There are tonnes of variations on these. Primark/Penneys do a bunch of great sparkly ones. It’s always good to have a reusable cup with you no matter where you are, better for the environment. 

Click HERE to shop online (£7.75).


Unicorn Pocket Travel Mirror

unicorn gifts travel mirror christmas gifts where is tara

This are so cute and handy. For doing your make-up on the go, or getting that bit of glitter out of your eye, pocket mirrors are always a useful item to keep in your bag. There are plenty of different designs from this brand, so have a browse and find the perfect unicorn for you. Personally I love the “chubby unicorn” design.

Click HERE to buy online (£3.99).


Unicorn Slippers

unicorn gifts slippers christmas travel gifts where is tara

I have VARIOUS pairs of unicorn slippers. My most recent pair feel like walking around on clouds! I got them from Flying Tiger. I always bring slippers or slipper socks with me when I’m travelling. Ok, so these are a bit bulky to pack for an overseas trip, but they’d be perfect for a staycation, or just at home. The majority of this list could be used for not travelling at all to be honest, haha. 

Click HERE to buy online (£18.00).

Dreamy Unicorn Pyjamas

unicorn gifts pjs christmas travel gifts where is tara

Everyone’s gotta have something soft to sleep in. Get yourself the perfect pair of unicorn pyjamas. You’ll find them everywhere. Primark/Penneys and ASOS all have plenty of options. Here’s the links to a couple of my favourites.

Click HERE to buy the long-sleeved pj set (£35.00).
Click HERE to buy the short pj set (£22.00).

Make sure you share this with your unicorn obsessed friends and their loved ones so that they get the magical unicorn gifts they deserve this year!

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